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Tropiocolotes hormozganensis RAJABIZADEH, FAIZI, ANDERSON, ZARRINTAB & NAZAROV, 2018

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common Names 
SynonymTropiocolotes hormozganensis RAJABIZADEH, FAIZI, ANDERSON, ZARRINTAB & NAZAROV 2018
Tropiocolotes hormozganensis ROUNAGHI, RASTEGAR-POUYANI & HOSSEINIAN 2018
Tropiocolotes sp. — SMID et al. 2014
Tropiocolotes steudneri — GUIBÉ 1966 (ex errore)
Tropiocolotes cf. steudneri — ANDERSON 1999 
DistributionIran (Hormozgan)

Type locality: Iran, Hormozgan Province, about 10 km west of Bandar-e Khamir, ChahDeraz plain (26°58' N 56°16' E) (fide fide Rajabizadeh et al. 2018)
Type locality: Bandar-Lengeh, Hormozgan province, southern Iran (fide Rounaghi et al. 2018)  
TypesHolotype: ICSTZM6H1296, Adult Male, collected by F. Mokhlesi, October, 2008 (Figure 4 in Rajabizadeh et al. 2018); Paratype: ZFMK 96464, same locality as holotype (Rajabizadeh et al. 2018).
Holotype: SUHC 1818 (male), 30.88 mm snout-vent length, collected September 2010; Paratypes: SUHC 1819 (male), 29.69 mm snout-vent length, SUHC 1820 (female) and 30.70 mm snout-vent length, collected September 2010 (fide Rounaghi et al. 2018). 
CommentTwo descriptions of this species were published by different authors. While we received a preprint of the ROUNAGHI et al. paper on 7 Jan 2018 (as an uncorrected proof without publication date), the paper by RAJABIZADEH et al. was formally published on 2 March 2018. ROUNAGHI had no publication date at this time and there was apparently no Zoobank registration, so RAJABIZADEH et al. seem to have priority.

Distribution: the type localities mentioned in the two descriptions (Bandar- Lengeh and 10 km W of Bandar-e Khamir) are about 50 km apart. 
EtymologyThe name of hormozganensis was attained from the species locality (Hormozgan province, southern Iran). 
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  • ROUNAGHI, Iman; Eskandar RASTEGAR-POUYANI, and Saeed HOSSEINIAN 2018. A NEW SPECIES OF THE GENUS Tropiocolotes PETERS, 1880 FROM HORMOZGAN PROVINCE, SOUTHERN IRAN (REPTILIA: GEKKONIDAE). South Western Journal of Horticulture, Biology and Environment 9 (1): 15-23 - get paper here
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