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Typhlacontias punctatissimus BOCAGE, 1873

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Scincinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards) 
SubspeciesTyphlacontias punctatissimus punctatissimus (BOCAGE 1873)
Typhlacontias punctatissimus bogerti (LAURENT 1964)
Typhlacontias punctatissimus brainei HAACKE 1997 
Common NamesDotted Blind Dart Skink 
SynonymTyphlacontias punctatissimus BOCAGE 1873: 213
Typhlacontias punctatissimus — GREER 1970
Typhlacontias punctatissimus punctatissimus — HAACKE 1997
Typhlacontias punctatissimus — WHITING et al. 2003

Typhlacontias punctatissimus bogerti (LAURENT 1964)
Typhlacontias bogerti LAURENT 1964
Typhlacontias punctatissimus bogerti — HAACKE 1997 
DistributionS Angola, NW Namibia (from NW Koakoveld), SW Angola

bogerti: SW Angola; Type locality: “35 km S of Moçamedes (= Namibé)”, Angola.

brainei: Namibia; Type locality: Khumib River 25 km from the coast, Skeleton Coast Park, Opuwo District, Namibia, 18°44'S 12°36'E (1812Da), elevation up to 600 m.

Type locality: Rio Curoca mouth, Moçamedes district, Angola  
TypesSyntypes: MBL, 'Museo de Bocage', Lisbon, destroyed by fire)
Types: Dundo Museum, Angola [bogerti]
Holotype: TM 68443, collected by W. D. Haacke, 11. 4. 1989;Paratypes in ZFMK, TM and SMWN [brainei] 
CommentType species: Typhlacontias punctatissimus BOCAGE 1873 is the type species of the genus Typhlacontias BOCAGE 1873. 
EtymologyReferring to its speckled colour pattern.
bogerti: Named in honour of renowned American herpetologist Dr Charles M. Bogert.
brainei: Named after Mr Steve Braine, former ranger of the Skeleton Coast Park, Namibia, for his contribution towards the knowledge of the fauna of that area during his term of office there. 
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