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Underwoodisaurus milii (BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT, 1823)

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos) 
Common NamesThick-tailed Gecko, Barking Gecko 
SynonymPhyllurus milii BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT 1823: 183
Cyrtodactylus Nilii GRAY (in GRIFFITH & PIDGEON) 1831
Gymnodactylus Miliusii DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1836: 430
Gymnodactylus (Anomalurus) Miliusii — FITZINGER 1843
Phyllurus miliusii — GRAY 1845
Gymnodactylus vittatus — ANONYMOUS 1857 (non G. v. LICHTENSTEIN 1856)
Phyllurus Myliusii — GRAY 1867
Phyllurus Millius — SCHMELTZ 1877
Phyllurus Blavieri DE ROCHEBRUNE 1884
Gymnodactylus miliusii — BOULENGER 1885: 48
Gymnodactylus asper BOULENGER 1913
Gymnodactylus milii — LOVERIDGE 1934
Gymnodactylus milusii BARRETT 1950
Gymnodactylus (Underwoodisaurus) milii — WERMUTH 1965
Phyllurus mili — BUSTARD 1967
Underwoodisaurus milii — BUSTARD 1970
Underwoodisaurus husbandi WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Underwoodisaurus asper — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985
Nephrurus milii — BAUER 1990
Underwoodisaurus milii — COGGER 2000: 275
Nephrurus milii — LAUBE & LANGNER 2007
Underwoodisaurus milii — OLIVER & BAUER 2011
Underwoodisaurus milii — COGGER 2014: 283 
DistributionAustralia (Southern Australia from central Queensland through New South Wales, N Victoria, South Australia and much of semi-arid Western Australia, as far north along the coast as Shark Bay. Scattered specimen recorded from Onslow, Western Australia and the S Northern Territory.
Records from N Queensland are probably in error.

Type locality: “Australasie sur les rives de la baie des Chiens-Marins’ [= ’Shark Bay, W. A.]; Neotype locality: ‘‘Bernier Island, Shark Bay’’. Map legend:
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TypesTypes: presumed lost fide COGGER 1983. Shea (2002) demonstrated that the type of P. milii was, in fact, a specimen illustration of Nephrurus levis occidentalis but maintained current usage of the epithet milii for the species of Underwoodisdaurus to which it has uniformly been applied, and designated a neotype to fix the name. 
CommentType species: Phyllurus milii BORY DE SAINT-VINCENT 1823 is the type species of the genus Underwoodisaurus WERMUTH 1965. Note that Gymnodactylus Miliusii Duméril andBibron, 1836 (= P. milii Bory de Saint-Vincent 1823) is the type species of the genus Anomalurus Fitzinger, 1843 (which is pre-occupied by Anomalurus Waterhouse 1843 (Mammalia)). 
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