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Varanus olivaceus HALLOWELL, 1857

IUCN Red List - Varanus olivaceus - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaVaranidae, Platynota, Varanoidea, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Gray’s Monitor Lizard, Butaan
G: Butaan 
SynonymVaranus ornatus GRAY 1845: 10
Varanus olivaceus HALLOWELL 1857: 150
Varanus grayi BOULENGER 1885: 312
Varanus grayi — TAYLOR 1922: 145
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) grayi — MERTENS 1962
Varanus olivaceus — AUFFENBERG 1988
Varanus olivaceus — DE LISLE 1996: 131
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) olivaceus — BÖHME 2002
Varanus olivaceus — PIANKA in PIANKA & KING 2004: 220
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) olivaceus — KOCH et al. 2013
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) olivaceus — BUCKLITSCH et al. 2016: 50 
DistributionPhilippines (S Luzon, Polillo), Catanduanes Islands, elevation max. 400 m.

Type locality: “Manilla”  
TypesHolotype: ANSP 9916, probably lost (Pianka 2004: 221). 
CommentDE LISLE (1996: 131) erroneously cited a non-existing paper by HALLOWELL (1857) as original description. Varanus olivaceus is listed as a synonym of Varanus bengalensis bengalensis by MERTENS 1963:5.

V. olivaceus is one of two primarily herbivorous monitor lizards (in addition to V. mabitang).

Distribution: This is a very rare, endangered species. V. olivaceus was known from only the type and the cleaned skull of an adult specimen until 1976, when a population was rediscovered not far from Manilla.

Habitat: rain forest, arboricolous 
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