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Afroedura pienaari JACOBSEN, KUHN, JACKMAN & BAUER, 2014

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Pienaar’s Rock Gecko 
SynonymAfroedura pienaari JACOBSEN, KUHN, JACKMAN & BAUER 2014: 490
Afroedura pondolia subsp. nov. PIENAAR et al. 1983
Afroedura langi 'Waterpoort' — JACOBSEN 1992
Afroedura langi 'Tshipise' — JACOBSEN 1992
Afroedura langi 'Shinokwen' — JACOBSEN 1992
Afroedura langi 'Waterpoort' — JACOBSEN 1997
Afroedura langi 'Tshipise' — JACOBSEN 1997
Afroedura langi 'Shinokwen' — JACOBSEN 1997
Afroedura langi 'Waterpoort' — KIRCHHOF et al. 2010 
DistributionRepublic of South Africa (Limpopo)

Type locality: Farm Bristol 760MS, 22°59' S, 29°37' E, Soutpansberg District (2229DC), Limpopo Province, Republic of South Africa  
TypesHolotype: DNMNH (= TM) 81144, adult male, collector R. E. Newbery, 25 July 1981. Paratypes. DNMNH (= TM) 81133–81139, 81141–81143, 81145–81146, 81160–81165, same data as holotype; DNMNH (= TM) 81140, same locality as holotype, collector N. H. G. Jacobsen, 2 February 1979; DNMNH (= TM) 81175, Farm Crimea 747MS, Soutpansberg District, Limpopo Province (2229DC), collector N. H. G. Jacobsen, 1 February 1979; DNMNH (= TM) 81147–81153, Farm Robertson 748MS, Soutpansberg District, Limpopo Province (2229DC), collector R. E. Newbery, 24 July 1981; DNMNH (= TM) 81167–81169, Farm Waterpoort 695MS, Soutpansberg District, Limpopo Province (2229DC), collector R. E. Newbery, 24 July 1981; DNMNH (= TM) 81170–81173, Farm The Moss 763MS, Soutpansberg District, Limpopo Province (2229DC), collector R. E. Newbery, 7 November 1985. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. A medium-sized Afroedura (maximum SVL 53 mm) differing from all other congeners by the following combination of characters: two pairs of enlarged subdigital lamellae per digit; tail faintly verticillate and flattened near base, with four subcaudal rows and 6–7 supracaudal rows per verticil; dorsal scales smooth, 86–111 scale rows at midbody; internasal scales absent; 13–19 precloacal pores in males.

Variation. There is significant variation in specimens of this species in several features (Tables 4, 5), in part reflecting the very large sample size and its relatively large geographic range. A single internasal is present in TM 81142. 10–14 scales between nasals and eye and 16–22 between eye and ear, 2–4 supraciliary spines. Supralabials 8–12. One or two postmental scales present. Infralabials 7–9. Midbody scale rows 86–98 in type series, up to 111 in other specimens examined. 3–7 enlarged inferomedian scales under 4th toe. Precloacal pores in male paratypes in continuous or interrupted series of 14–18 (12 to 19 in other specimens examined, although 96% of all male specimens have at least 14 pores); no precloacal pores in females. 0–4 postcloacal spurs on either side of tail base. Original tails 50.0–58.4% of total length. 32.2% of specimens have regenerated tails (n=31). 
EtymologyThe species is named for the late Dr. U. de V. Pienaar (1930–2011), former Chief Warden of Kruger National Park and former Chief Director of South African National Parks, in recognition of his work in furthering herpetofaunal knowledge of the Kruger National Park. 
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  • JACOBSEN, NIELS H. G.; ARIANNA L. KUHN, TODD R. JACKMAN & AARON M. BAUER 2014. A phylogenetic analysis of the southern African gecko genus Afroedura Loveridge (Squamata: Gekkonidae), with the description of nine new species from Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa. Zootaxa 3846 (4): 451–501 - get paper here
  • Kirchhof, S., M. Krämer, J. Linden & K. Richter 2010. The reptile species assemblage of the Soutpansberg (Limpopo Province, South Africa) and its characteristics. Salamandra 46 (3): 147-166 - get paper here
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