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Agama weidholzi WETTSTEIN, 1932

IUCN Red List - Agama weidholzi - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Agaminae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Gambia Agama 
SynonymAgama weidholzi WETTSTEIN 1932: 304
Agama weidholzi — WERMUTH 1967: 26
Agama weidholzi — JOGER & LAMBERT 1996
Agama weidholzi — WAGNER & BAUER 2011
Agama weidholzi — MEDIANNIKOV, TRAPE & TRAPE 2012: 139 
DistributionSenegal, Gambia, W Mali, Guinea-Bissau

Type locality: ‘‘Urwald Sumpfgebiet, Tabadienké, 30 km S Diallakoto, Senegambien” [= Senegal]  
TypesLectotype. NMW = NHMW 18318; Paratypes: MCZ 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. A dwarf Agama species with females (SVL 56– 65 mm) longer than males (SVL 54–62 mm). Body depressed, hind limbs long, reaching the area between ear opening and eye. No gular pouch. Tail one and a half times longer than SVL. Head convex. Upper head scales large, keeled; occipital scale enlarged, as large as ear opening. Nostril directed dorsolaterally, pierced in the posterior part of a long, slightly oval, swollen nasal scale below the canthus rostralis. Usually with one scale between the nasal and the first supraciliary scale. Supraciliary scales smooth. Nuchal and dorsal crests absent. Ear opening as large as the eye, tympanum superficial and exposed. Tufts of spinose scales absent from sides of neck. Sometimes one or two conical scales behind the ear hole. Body scales small, homogeneous (but tendency for rows of enlarged vertebral scales), keeled and nonmucronate, in 68–82 rows around midbody. Vertebral scales 32–48, 16–21 lamellae under fourth toe, and males with 6–10 precloacal pores usually in one row [from Grandison, 1969 and WAGNER & BAUER 2011]. 
CommentWermuth (1967) lists this species with a question mark indicating uncertain status.
MONARD (1940) included a specimen of this species in the type series of Agama boensis MONARD 1940 which is otherwise composed of Agama sankaranica CHABANAUD 1918 (fide BÖHME 2005: 155). 
Etymologynamed after the collector of the types, Alfred Weidholz, an Austrian banker and traveller. 
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