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Anguis graeca BEDRIAGA, 1881

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Higher TaxaAnguidae (Anguinae), Diploglossa, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Greek Slow Worm
G: Griechische Blindschleiche 
SynonymAnguis graeca BEDRIAGA 1881
Anguis graeca — GVOŽDÍK et al. 2010
Anguis graeca — JABLONSKI 2011
Anguis graeca — GVOŽDIK et al. 2013
Anguis graeca — SPEYBROECK et al. 2020 
DistributionGreece, Albania, Macedonia

Type locality: ‘‘Parnaß-Gebirge, Griechenland” [=Parnas Mts., Greece].  
CommentTaxonomy: GVOŽDÍK et al. 2010 resurrected A. graeca and a number of subspecies. However, while these clades are clearly different genetically, they are not diagnosable morphologically. Gvoždík et al. (2013) suggested to distinguish 5 genetic species of Anguis: graeca, colchica, fragilis, cinerea, and cephallonica. A detailed morphological analysis of the entire genus is under preparation (Benkovsky ́ et al., in preparation).

Distribution: see map in Gvoždík et al. (2013) and Jablonski et al. 2016: 3 (Fig. 1). 
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