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Anolis datzorum KÖHLER, PONCE, SUNYER & BATISTA, 2007

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Higher TaxaDactyloidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymAnolis datzorum KÖHLER, PONCE, SUNYER & BATISTA 2007
Anolis datzorum — LOTZKAT et al. 2010
Norops datzorum — NICHOLSON et al. 2012
Norops datzorum — NICHOLSON et al. 2018 
DistributionCosta Rica, WC Panama (Serranía de Tabasará, Serranía de Talamanca)

Type locality: La Nevera, [corrected by LOTZKAT et al. 2010 to] 8° 30’ N, 81° 46’ 20’’ W, Serranía de Tabasará, 1600 m elevation, Comarca Ngöbe Bugle, Distrito de Nole Düima, Corregimiento de Jadeberi, Panama.  
TypesHolotype: SMF 85093 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. A medium-sized species (snout– vent length [SVL] in largest specimen 49.0 mm) of the genus Anolis (sensu Poe, 2004) that is most similar in external morphology to Anolis laeviventris, A. kreutzi and A. cusuco all of which also have short hind limbs (longest toe of adpressed hind limb reaching to tympanum), no distinctly enlarged middorsal scale rows, keeled ventrals at midbody, slightly enlarged postanal scales in males, and a white to pale yellow dewlap in males. Anolis datzorum differs from A. laeviventris, A. kreutzi and A. cusuco by having most head scales distinctly multicarinate (smooth, wrinkled or unicarinate in A. laeviventris, A. kreutzi and A. cusuco), by having a homogeneous flank scalation (usually a few enlarged, often whitish, scales scattered among smaller granular flank scales in A. laeviventris, A. kreutzi and A. cusuco), and by having an overall greenish coloration (grayish brown to yellowish brown in A. laeviventris, A. kreutzi and A. cusuco). 
CommentSpecies group: Norops auratus Species Group (fide Nicholson et al. 2012)

Characters: male dewlap large and yellow, hemipenis bilobed (Lotzkat et al. 2010). 
Etymologynamed after Erika Datz and her late brother Walter Datz, for their support of biodiversity research in Germany through the Erika and Walter Datz Foundation. 
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