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Bipes canaliculatus LATREILLE, 1801

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Higher TaxaBipedidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Squamata
Common NamesE: Four-toed Worm Lizard
S: Dos Manos de Cuatro-dedos 
SynonymB. canaliculatus BONNATERRE 1789
Lacerta lumbricoides SHAW 1795: plate 212
Lacerta mexicana DONNDORF 1798
Lacerta sulcata SUCKOW 1798
Bipes canaliculatus — LATREILLE 1801 (in SONNINI & LATREILLE 1801)
Chamaesaura propus SCHNEIDER 1801
Microdipus canaliculatus — HERMANN 1804
Bimanus canaliculatus — OPPEL 1811
Chirotes canaliculatus — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1839: 474
Chirotes caniculatus [sic] CUVIER – GRAY 1865: 368
Chirotes lumbricoides (fide GRAY 1865: 368)
Chirotes caniculatus — GÜNTHER 1885: 30
Bipes canaliculatus — COPE 1894
Bipes canaliculatus multiannulatus ALVAREZ 1966 (fide GANS 2005: 41)
Bipes alvarezi SMITH & SMITH 1977: 39
Bipes canaliculatus — LINER 1994
Bipes canaliculatus — LINER 2007
Bipes canaliculatis — LONGRICH et al. 2015 (in error) 
DistributionMexico (Guerrero, Michoacan)

Type locality: ‘‘Mexico’’; restricted to ‘‘Mexcala, Guerrero’’, Mexico (Smith and Taylor, 1950a: 332, 1950b: 39).

alvarezi: Mexico (Guerrero); Type locality: Central Rio Balsas valley in Guerrero, Morelos and P., Mexico.  
TypesHolotype: MNHN-RA A1151 (mistake; see Brygoo 1990). The holotype by monotypy in MNHN is now considered as lost (Brygoo 1990)
Holotype: ENCB 1315 (Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas), collected by José Luis Lorenzo in 1964. [multiannulatus] 
DiagnosisDefinition (genus). Snout rounded. Basipterygoid processes, partes posteriores choaninasmuch [sic] as all the genera are redefined. The pertinent information will be plate [sic]. Quadrate expanded proximally. Meckel's groove open. Dentition: (premaxillary, maxillary, mandibular number of teeth) 7; 3; 6. Anterior limbs present. One unpaired shield on top of the head, adjacent to the rostral. Nasal shields not fused to the first labials (modified after Vanzolini 1951). 
CommentBipes is the only genus of amphisbaenians that shows forelimbs.

Type species: Bipes canaliculatus is the type species of the genus Bipes LATREILLE 1801. Bipes is also the type genus of the family Bipedidae Taylor, 1951.

Distribution: Campbell (1980 and Smith & Holland (1981) speculated that Bipes sp. may rarely occur in E Colorado and W Nebraska based on old reports. Taylor 1938 speculates that Bipes may occur in Arizona, based on some observations reported to him. Not in Morelos fide Lemos-Espinal 2020.

Nomenclature: This species “was described as "Le Cannele" in the text of Lacepede (1788), but in the Synopsis methodica of that work, a large fold out table, the Latin name "B. canaliculatus" appeared for it. Bonnaterre (1789) also used Lacepede's name B. canaliculatus, without interpreting the initial.” Only Latreille (1801) explicitly derived the genus name, hence authorship for both the generic and specific names of Bipes canaliculatus lies with Latreille (1801), as pointed out by Brygoo (1990). See Flores-Villela et al. 2004 for details. Nevertheless, Gans 2005: 40 listed it as Bipes canaliculatus (Bonnaterre). 
EtymologyName based on ‘‘le cannelé’’ of La Cépède, 1788–1789: 613 
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