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Blanus aporus WERNER, 1898

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Higher TaxaBlanidae, Amphisbaenia, Lacertoidea, Squamata
Common Names 
SynonymBlanus aporus WERNER 1898: 220
Blanus aporus — BIRD 1939
Blanus strauchi aporus — ALEXANDER 1966
Blanus strauchi aporus — HRAOUI-BLOQUET et al. 2002
Blanus aporus — SINDACO et al. 2014 
DistributionSyria, Turkey (W Anatolia, Antalya eastwards)

Type locality: “bei Mersina” (= near Mersin, now Içel).  
TypesLectotype: NMW 12310 (designated by SINDACO et al. 2014); paralectotypes: BMNH 1946.8.2.15-16; MZUT 2119. Other syntypes: BMNH 1946.8.2.14, 1946.8.2.30, 1946.8.31.84-93 (according to Alexander 1966 the series currently consists of only specimens 85-93, but ZIL 6679 (now ZISP), coming from the British Museum in 1885, may represent the missing specimen). Also given as MSNTO R2119. 
CommentSynonymy: Baran (1977) concluded that only two subspecies can be identified in Turkey, B. s. strauchi and B. s. aporus, considering B. s. bedriagae as a synonym of B. s. strauchi. Given the small differences it may be more appropriate to consider B. aporus and B. alexandri as subspecies of B. strauchi.

Taxonomy: B. aporus was regarded by recent authors as a subspecies of B. strauchi. On the basis of morphological evidences shown by Alexander (1966) and Zaloğlu (1968), the high genetic divergence and the lack of shared haplotypes for the nuclear marker from both B. strauchi and the eastern clade, this taxon is better regarded at the species rank. The geographic boundaries need to be investigated; the border between B. s. bedriagae and B. aporus probably lies between Antalya and Kaş, while the border between B. aporus and the easternmost taxon lies between Içel and Kozan (Sindaco et al. 2014).

Distribution: Not in Lebanon where it is replaced by B. alexandri (Jablonski & Sadek 2019).

Key: Alexander 1966 provided a key to the strauchi group (strauchi, bedriagae, aporus). 
EtymologyNamed after Alexander Strauch (1832-1893), Russian zoologist. 
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