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Caiman latirostris (DAUDIN, 1802)

IUCN Red List - Caiman latirostris - Least Concern, LR

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Higher TaxaAlligatoridae, Crocodylia, crocodiles (alligators)
SubspeciesCaiman latirostris chacoensis FREIBERG & CARVALHO 1965
Caiman latirostris latirostris (DAUDIN 1802) 
Common NamesE: Broad-snouted caiman
G: Breitschnauzenkaiman 
SynonymCrocodilus latirostris DAUDIN 1802
Caiman fissipes SPIX 1825
Champsa fissipes WAGLER 1828 (fide HOOGMOED & GRUBER 1983)
Alligator cynocephalus DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1836: 86
Crocodilus fissipes — FITZINGER in TREITSCHKE 1842
Champsa fissipes — GULLIVER 1846: 208
Jacare latirostris — GRAY 1862
Alligator latirostris — STRAUCH 1866 (partim)
Alligator latirostris — BOULENGER 1886: 425
Caiman latirostris — BOULENGER 1889 (partim)
Jacaretinga latirostris — VAILLANT 1898
Caiman latirostris latirostris — FREIBERG & CARVALHO 1965
Caiman latirostris — NICKEL & AULIYA 2004
Caiman latirostris — CACCIALI et al. 2016

Caiman latirostris chacoensis FREIBERG & CARVALHO 1965
Caiman latirostris chacoensis — NICKEL & AULIYA 2004 
DistributionN Argentina (Formosa), SE Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Paraíba), Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay

Type locality: Joinvilla, Santa Catarina, Brasil (designated by FREIBERG & CARVALHO 1965)  
TypesHolotype: MNHN-RA 7769; MNRJ 1258 designated neotype by Freiberg and Carvalho 1965
Holotype: MACN 17.551 (Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires) [chacoensis] 
CommentFreiberg and Carvalho (1965) list the register number of the holotype, MNHN 7769, and then nevertheless designate a neotype, MNRJ 1258. They do not provide any justification for this action. According to Art. 75 of the Intl. Code Zool. Nomen. such a designation is not valid. However, Freiberg and Carvalho's restriction of the type locality is acceptable (KING & BURKE 1989).

Type species: Caiman fissipes SPIX 1825 is the type species of the genus Caiman SPIX 1825: 3. 
EtymologyA. M. C. Duméril and Bibron (1836) applied the vernacular name Caiman to crocodilians from the southeastern U.S., the Dominican Republic, etc.; thus, the vernacular name caiman has been applied to Western Hemisphere alligator-like relatives for many years (McCranie 2018: 426). 
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