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Callopistes maculatus GRAVENHORST, 1838

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Higher TaxaTeiidae, Tupinambinae, Sauria, Gymnophthalmoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesCallopistes maculatus maculatus GRAVENHORST 1838
Callopistes maculatus atacamensis DONOSO-BARROS 1960
Callopistes maculatus manni DONOSO-BARROS 1960 
Common NamesE: Spotted False Monitor 
SynonymCallopistes maculatus GRAVENHORST 1838: 744

Callopistes maculatus maculatus GRAVENHORST 1838
Aporomera ornata DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1839: 76
Ameiva oculata D’ORBIGNY & BIBRON 1847: 9
Aporomera ocellata GUICHENOT in GAY1848
Callopistes maculatus maculatus — DONOSO -BARROS 1960
Callopistes maculatus maculatus — PETERS & DONOSO-BARROS 1970: 88
Callopistes maculatus maculatus — HARVEY et al. 2012

Callopistes maculatus atacamensis DONOSO-BARROS 1960
Callopistes palluma atacamensis — NÚÑEZ & VELOSO 2001
Callopistes maculatus atacamensis — HARVEY et al. 2012

Callopistes maculatus manni DONOSO-BARROS 1960
Callopistes palluma manni — NÚÑEZ & VELOSO 2001
Callopistes maculatus manni — HARVEY et al. 2012
Callopistes maculatus — HARVEY et al. 2012 
DistributionChile (Southern Antofagasta to Maule Province)

atacamensis: Copiapo Province, Chile (coastal area); Type locality: Rocky coast of Caldera, Chile.

manni: S Antofagasta, Chile; Type locality: Quebradas de Paposo, S Antofagasta, Chile.

Type locality: At foot of Cordillera, Chile. (”Chile, am Fuss der Cordillere”)  
TypesLectotype: MNHW (= MNHUW) 1320, male; a syntype appears to be lost (lectotype designation by Borczyk & Skawiński 2019: 3)
Syntypes: private collection Donoso-Barros 567, female + male [manni]
Holotype: private collection Donoso-Barros 414, male [atacamensis] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (genus): Unlike all other extant Teiidae, Callopistes lacks femoral and abdominal pores and has three or more loreals, 2–3 complete rows of lorilabials separating the suboculars from the supralabials, heavily fractured prefrontals, and a vertical fold of skin in front of the auditory meatus [HARVEY et al. 2012].
CommentSee comment in Phymaturus palluma for the usage of the name C. palluma. Veloso, Núñez & Cei (2000) proposed the combinations Callopistes palluma (for current Callopistes maculatus) and Phymaturus flagellifer (formerly Centrura flagellifer, currently Phymaturus palluma). They attempted to synonymise Callopistes maculatus with Callopistes palluma and designated a neotype (MNHNCL 2909) for the latter name. However, these proposals were later rejected (Etheridge & Savage, 2003; ICZN 2005).

Type species: Callopistes maculatus GRAVENHORST 1838 is the type species of the genus Callopistes GRAVENHORST 1838. Callopistes is also the type species of the subfamily Callopistinae HARVEY et al. 2012. Note that Tucker et al. 2016 do not recognize the subfamily Callopistinae but instead assign the genus to the subfamily Tupinambinae.

Karyotype: Gorman (1970: 238) noticed that the karyotypes of the two Callopistes species are “indistinguishable” and “unique among lizards.” 
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