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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Draconinae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Pethiyagoda’s Crestless Lizard
Sinhala (local) name: Pethiyagodagë Nosilu Katussa
Tamil (local) name: Pethiyagodavin Oonan 
SynonymCalotes pethiyagodai AMARASINGHE, KARUNARATHNA, HALLERMANN in AMARASINGHE et al. 2014 
DistributionSri Lanka (Knuckles massif), elevation 900-1400 m

Type locality: Midland Estate, Knuckles, Sri Lanka, 7°31’N, 80°44’ E, elevation 915 m  
Reproductionoviparous (by implication) 
TypesHolotype: NMSL (= WHT) 6211, Male, 91.8 mm SVL, coll. M. M. Bahir, A. Silva & K. Maduwage, 24 IX 2004. Paratypes. Male, NMSL (= WHT)6154A, 91.3 mm SVL, Midlands Estate-Knuckles, alt. 915 m, coll. M. M. Bahir & M. Meegaskumbura, 5 VI 2004; Male, NMSL (= WHT)6241, 88.9 mm SVL, Cobet’s Gap-Knuckles, alt. 1,000, coll. K. Manamendra-Arachchi & M.M. Bahir; Males, ZSM 215/1981/3–4, 59.4 mm SVL (sub adult), 76.8 mm SVL, Gammaduwa-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 21 VI 1980; Male, ZSM 216/1981/1, 86.1 mm SVL, Cobet’s Gap-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 27 VI 1980; Male, ZSM258/1979, 76.3 mm SVL, Cobet’s Gap-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 01 IV 1979; Males, ZSM 218/1981/1–3, 81.5 mm SVL, 85.5 mm SVL, 76.7 mm SVL, Midcar-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 05 XII 1979; Female, NMSL (= WHT) 6154B, 80.8 mm SVL, Midlands Estate-Knuckles, alt. 915 m, coll. M. M. Bahir & M. Meegaskumbura, 5 VI 2004; Female, NMSL (= WHT)106A, 78.9 mm SVL, Gammaduwa Estate-Knuckles, alt. 915 m, coll. K. Manamendra-Arachchi & D. Gabadage, 23 X 1993; Female, NMSL (= WHT)1435, 77.2 mm SVL, Midlands Estate- Knuckles, coll. D. Gabadage & M.M. Bahir, 3 IX 1996. Females, ZSM 215/1981/1–2, 75.8 mm SVL, 78.3 mm SVL, Gammaduwa-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 21 VI 1980; Female, ZMH R06165, 76.5 mm SVL, Gammaduwa- Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 7°34'00"N 80°42'00"E, coll. W. Erdelen, 1972; Female, ZSM 217/1981, 66.5 mm SVL, Cobet’s Gap-Knuckles, W. Erdelen, 19 VI 1979; Females, ZSM 218/1981/4–5, 71.8 mm SVL, 55.8 mm SVL (sub adult), Midcar-Knuckles, 05 XII 1979. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Males of C. pethiyagodai sp. nov. differ from the males of C. liocephalus by the absence of a gular pouch (vs. present); mid gular scales smaller (vs. equal or larger) than the scales besides; scales on snout larger (vs. smaller) than the scales on occipital and forhead; pectoral scales not enlarged (vs. enlarged); subcaudals elongated (vs. shortened); abdominal scales partially and slightly carinate, and acuminate (vs. completely and strongly carinate, and mucronate); scales on venter somewhat larger in size than those on dorsum at same level (vs. smaller); tubercle like spine above the tympanum, one (vs. two); axila–groin, tibia, forth toe, upper arm, and snout, longer (151.4–153.3%, 69.4–73.7%, 63.0–75.7%, 51.4–53.9%, and 36.6–37.9% of HL respectively) vs. shorter (109.4–129.7%, 65.5–67.9%, 51.9–59.7%, 47.7–51.3%, and 27.8–33.7% of HL respectively); larger eye, diameter 28.7–29.5% of HL (vs. smaller, diameter 26.6–28.5% of HL); mid body scales, 50–54 (vs. 46–50); and subdigital lamellae, 36–38 (vs. 27–32). C. pethiyagodai sp. nov. further differs from congeners by the following opposing characters of Sri Lankan and Indian species of the genus Calotes; C. andamanensis: enlarged keeled scales on ventral surface of thigh; C. aurantolabium: shoulder pit absent; C. rouxii: two small groups of spines on each side of the neck; C. calotes, C. grandisquamis, C. jerdoni, C. nemoricola, C. versicolor: lateral scales directed backwards and upwards; and C. ceylonensis, C. desilvai, C. elliotti, C.emma, C. liolepis, C. maria, C. nigrilabris: well-developed spines above the tympanum. 
EtymologyThe species epithet is an eponym latinized in the genitive singular, honouring Tilak Rohan David Pethiyagoda (Pethiyagoda, R.), a Rolex awarded conservationist and the founder of the Wildlife Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka (WHT), for his dedication and contribution to biodiversity conservation in Sri Lanka; his leading contribution to herpetological and ichthyological explorations in the Indian Subcontinent; and the great work he has done in order to restore and preserve the forests in the central highlands is highly commendable. His contributions are extremely important and they undoubtedly inform the many new taxonomists emerging out of India and Sri Lanka, especially at a time such as now when new taxonomists are very much in demand. 
  • Amarasinghe, A. A. THASUN;, D. M. S. SURANJAN KARUNARATHNA, JAKOB HALLERMANN, JUNICHI FUJINUMA, HEINZ GRILLITSCH & PATRICK D. CAMPBELL 2014. A new species of the genus Calotes (Squamata: Agamidae) from high elevations of the Knuckles Massif of Sri Lanka. Zootaxa 3785 (1): 059–078 - get paper here
  • Amarasinghe, A.A. Thasun; D.M.S. Suranjan Karunarathna, and J. Fujinuma 2014. A New Calotes Species from Sri Lanka with a Redescription of Calotes liolepis Boulenger, 1885. Herpetologica 70 (3): 323-338 - get paper here
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