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Celestus fowleri (SCHWARTZ, 1971)

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Higher TaxaDiploglossidae, Diploglossa, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Bromeliad Galliwasp, Fowler's Galliwasp 
SynonymDiploglossus fowleri SCHWARTZ 1971:3
Celestus fowleri — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 373
Celestus fowleri — WILSON 2011
Celestus fowleri — SCHOOLS & HEDGES 2021 

Type locality: Windsor, elevation about 500 ft., Trelawny Parish, Jamaica.  
TypesHolotype: MCZ 125601. 
DiagnosisDESCRIPTION: Size moderate (only adult female 105 mm SVL); limbs long; dorsal
body and dorsal caudal scales keeled and striate; ventral scales smooth, 101-103 between mental and vent; 41-43 scales around midbody; 18-21 fourth toe lamellae; angular subocular scale modally between supralabials 6/7; auricular opening small. Dorsal ground color tan; dorsal pattern a series of 16-17 wood-brown chevrons, their apices pointing posteriorly, from neck to sacrum; sides with somewhat lighter brown continuations of chevrons on neck and between limbs; a few scattered paler tan dots in 2 vague, horizontal, lateral rows, associated with brown, vertical, lateral bars; head tan, with more or less symmetrical wood-brown markings; a black preorbital line on lores; temples longitudinally streaked with very dark wood-brown; a series of 3 dark brown to black nuchal blotches; limbs mottled brown and black dorsally; forelimbs with some tan areas giving mottled or marbled appearance; underside translucent gray to pale orange, with discrete brown to reddish longitudinal streaks or flecks on throat; deep orange streaks on venter; underside of limbs and tail pale orange; iris brown with orange pupillary ring (Schwartz & Henderson 1991: 373). 
CommentAbundance: only known from its original description (Meiri et al. 2017). 
Etymologynamed after Danny C. Fowler, who collected the holotype in 1970. 
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