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Cryptoblepharus pulcher (STERNFELD, 1918)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Eugongylinae (Eugongylini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesCryptoblepharus pulcher clarus (STORR 1961)
Cryptoblepharus pulcher pulcher (STERNFELD 1918) 
Common NamesE: Elegant snake-eyed skink
E: Bright snake-eyed skink (clarus) 
SynonymAblepharus boutoni pulcher STERNFELD 1918: 423
Ablepharus boutoni virgatus — MERTENS 1931: 112
Ablepharus boutoni virgatus — WORRELL 1963: 35
Cryptoblepharus boutonii virgatus – COOK 1973: 15
Cryptoblepharus virgatus — GREER 1974: 21
Cryptoblepharus virgatus — COGGER 1983: 142
Cryptoblepharus virgatus virgatus – WILSON & KNOWLES 1988: 120
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – STORR et al. 1981: 25
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – COGGER et al. 1983a: 142
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – COVACEVICH & COUPER 1991: 357
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – EHMANN 1992: 183
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – STORR et al. 1999: 25
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – COGGER 2000: 406
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – DALY et al. 2001: 85
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – GREER & JEFFERYS 2001: 3
Cryptoblepharus virgatus – WILSON & SWAN 2003: 150
Cryptoblepharus suburbia WELLS & WELLINGTON, 1985: 27
Cryptoblepharus virgatus suburbia WELLS & WELLINGTON, 1985
Cryptoblepharus virgatus suburbia – WELLS & WELLINGTON 1989: 29
Cryptoblepharus virgatus — COGGER 2000: 406
Cryptoblepharus virgatus — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus pulcher pulcher — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus pulcher — WILSON & SWAN 2013: 192

Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus (STORR 1961)
Ablepharus boutonii clarus STORR 1961: 176
Ablepharus boutonii clarus — WORRELL 1963: 35
Cryptoblepharus virgatus clarus – STORR 1976: 55
Cryptoblepharus virgatus clarus – WILSON & KNOWLES 1988: 120.
Cryptoblepharus clarus – WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 27
Cryptoblepharus virgatus clarus — STORR et al. 1999
Cryptoblepharus virgatus clarus — WWW 2006
Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus — HORNER 2007
Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus — WILSON & SWAN 2013: 192 
DistributionAustralia (far eastern Australia and far southern coastal regions of Western and South Australia, New South Wales).

Type locality: “Neuholland” Cooktown, Qld.

clarus: Western Australia; Type locality: lower Dalyup River, in 33° 45’ S, 121° 32’ E (20 mi WNW of Esperance), W. A.  
TypesLectotype: SMF 15680 (= 6347 1a in Boettger, 1893; 6348, 10a in Mertens, 1922), from Australia, designated by Mertens (1967) (Ablepharus boutoni pulcher)
Lectotype: WAM R18228, designated by Wells & Wellington (1985); paratype: QM [clarus] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A medium sized (40–44 mm SVL), shortlegged, shallow-headed, arboreal Cryptoblepharus, distinguished from Australian congeners by combination of modal values of five supraciliary scales, 24 mid-body scale rows and 50 paravertebral scales; mean head depth of 39.3% of head length; plain, rounded, dark pigmented plantar scales, and narrow, pale dorsolateral stripes. 
CommentSynonymy after HORNER 2007. Cryptoblepharus suburbia was placed in the synonymy of C. virgatus by Shea and Sadlier (1999), but was transferred to the synonymy of C. pulcher pulcher by HORNER 2007. 
EtymologyPresumably named after the Latin pulcher (beautiful) after the colour pattern. (G. Shea, pers. comm., 9 Feb 2024) 
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