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Cyclura carinata HARLAN, 1824

IUCN Red List - Cyclura carinata - Critically Endangered, CR

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Higher TaxaIguanidae, Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Turks & Caicos Iguana, Turks Island Iguana, Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana
G: Wirtelschwanz 
SynonymCyclura carinata HARLAN 1824: 250
Iguana (Cyclura ) Carinata — GRAY 1831 (in CUVIER; edit. GRIFFITH)
Cyclura (Cyclura ) carinata — FITZINGER 1843 (partim)
Cyclura carinata — COPE 1886: 262
Cyclura carinata — BOULENGER 1885: 193
Cyclura carinata carinata — BARBOUR 1935
Cyclura carinata bartschi COCHRAN 1931
Cyclura carinata — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 388 
DistributionTurks I [HR 31: 253], Caicos I [HR 31: 253], Bahama I, Mayaguana I (E Bahamas)

carinata: Turks and Caicos Is. Type locality: "Turk's Island."

bartschi: Bahama Is.: Booby Cay east of Mayaguana I.  
TypesHolotype: Unlocated.
Holotype: USNM 81212 [bartschi] 
DiagnosisDESCRIPTION: Size small (SVL in males to 360 mm, in females to 292 mm); no enlarged frontal scale; azygous scales in prefrontal suture absent; 7-13 (mode 9) scales between anterior canthal scales; first prefrontal never in contact with precanthal; 6-11 (mode 9) vertical loreal rows; 11-17 (mode 15) suboculars to anterior border of tympanum; no clearly demarcated sublabials; 1-4 (mode 2) postmentals; 26-48 femoral pores in single row; dorsal crest scales 11-20 between occiput and shoulder, 39-71 between shoulder and sacrum, 6-15 between sacrum and first caudal verticil, total dorsal crest scales between occiput and first caudal verticil 61-101; dorsal crest scales on neck usually higher than body crest scales, body crest scales usually higher than postsacral crest scales; 46-74 scales in fifth caudal verticil; 16-25 dorsolateral body scales in naris-eye distance; rostral scale always in contact with nasals. Dorsum gray, variegated with dull tan on back and sides or with paler gray to cream on head and neck; venter bluish, greenish, or dirty gray; dorsal crest scales of males blue-gray; juveniles drab gray with 4-6 brown, anterior crossbars not extending onto sides but forming an obscure series of inconspicuous bars which fade laterally, venter unpattemed and unstreaked but stippled or mottled dark gray (Schwartz & Henderson 1991: 388). 
CommentFor illustrations see Barbour and Noble, 1916; Auffenberg, 1975; Schwartz and Carey, 1977; Iverson, 1979.

BRYAN et al. (2007) found insufficient genetic differentiation between the subspecies of C. carinata and suggested to synonymize them.

Type species: Cyclura carinata HARLAN 1824 is the type species of the genus Cyclura HARLAN 1824 ((designated by FITZINGER 1843).

Synonymy: The genus Cyclura Warren, 1897 (Insecta: Drepanidae; Novit. zool. 4 : 14) is a junior Homonym. 
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