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Cyrtodactylus myintkyawthurai GRISMER, WOOD, QUAH, MURDOCH, M GRISMER, HERR, ESPINOZA, BROWN & LIN, 2018

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Mt. Popa Bent-toed Gecko 
SynonymCyrtodactylus myintkyawthurai GRISMER, WOOD, QUAH, MURDOCH, M GRISMER, HERR, ESPINOZA, BROWN & LIN 2018 
DistributionMyanmar (Mandalay region, Bago Yoma Range, Bago Region)

Type locality: Taung Twin Chaung camp, Mt. Popa, Kyauk-pa-taung Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar (20.93087N, 95.22580E; 978 m in elevation  
TypesHolotype. LSUHC 13808, Adult male, collected on October 27, 2017 at 1,030 h by Evan S.H. Quah, Perry L. Wood Jr, Matthew L. Murdoch, Myint Kyaw Thura, Aung Lin, Robert E. Espinoza, Tun Oo, and L. Lee Grismer). Paratypes. LSUHC 13500–02, 13505, 13806–07, 13809 bear the same collection data as the holotype. CAS 245200–03 was collected on August 1, 2007 by A.K. Shein, S.W. Kyi, and J.V. Vindum from Central Bago Yoma Range, between Pallan Gyi Forest Camp and summit, Bago Region, Myamnar (18.92108N, 95.814027E, 268 m). CAS 222147 was collected on August 11, 2001 by H. Win and A.K. Shein from the Kyetshar Elephant Camp, Kyet Shar Village, Aok Twin Township, Bago Region, Myanmar (18.88094N, 96.07922E, 263 m elevation). CAS 222128 was collected on July 31, 2001 by H. Win, A.K. Shein and H. Tun from the Ka Baung Reserve, Aok Twin Township, Taung Oo District, Bago Region, Myanmar (18.834750N, 96.18638E, 160 m elevation). 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Cyrtodactylus myintkyawthurai sp. nov. differs from other species in the peguensis group by having the unique combination of six or seven supralabials and six or seven infralabials; 28–33 paravertebral tubercles; 17–23 longitudinal rows of body tubercles; 32–36 ventral scales; 17–19 subdigital lamellae on the fourth toe; 12–20 femoral pores in males; 7–9 precloacal pores in males; two rows of post-precloacal scales; raised, moderately to strongly keeled body tubercles; and a maximum SVL of 75.1 mm (Table 7).

Variation. Variation in the paratypes of C. myintkyawthurai sp. nov. is most notable
in the dorsal banding pattern. Specimens from the central Bago Yoma Range tend to have dorsal bands that are divided along the midline, thus manifesting distinct paravertebral elements (CAS 222147, 245201–03) although this is not so evident in CAS 245200
and CAS 222128 which have somewhat of an anomalous pattern with some elongate, irregularly shape blotches. The banding pattern in specimens from Mt. Popa lacks complete midline bifurcation although the dorsal bands have distinct paravertebral elements. The dorsal bands of all the paratypes except CAS 245200, 245203, and LSUHC 13505 are relatively wider than those of the holotype LSUHC 13808. Specimens CAS 245200, 245202 and LSUHC 13500–02, 13806, and 13809 have regenerated tails bearing dark mottling. Specimens CAS 222128 and LSUHC 13505 have broken tails. Adult females have dimpled scales or 0–8 femoral pores. Other meristic and mensural variation in the type series is presented in Table 6. 
EtymologyThe specific epithet, myintkyawthurai, is a patronym honoring Myint Kyaw Thura for his contributions to the study of herpetology in Myanmar, his discovery of several new species, and his collaboration with foreign researchers. 
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