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Cyrtodactylus raglai NGUYEN, DUONG, GRISMER & POYARKOV, 2021

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Raglai Bent-toed Gecko 
SynonymCyrtodactylus raglai NGUYEN, DUONG, GRISMER & POYARKOV 2021 
DistributionVietnam (Song Giang River valley, Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province)

Type locality: Song Giang River Valley (12.37079° N, 108.83643° E; at elevation 500 m a.s.l.), Khanh Trung Commune, Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.  
TypesHolotype: SIEZC 2.0244
Paratypes: SIEZC 2.0243, ZMMU R16688 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. Cyrtodactylus raglai sp. nov. can be separated from all other species of clade1 of the C. irregularis group by having 10 or 11 supralabials; nine or 10 infralabials; 44–47 paravertebral tubercles; 14 or 15 rows of longitudinally arranged tubercles; 36–39 ventrals; 8–10 expanded subdigital lamellae, 12 or 13 unexpanded subdigital lamellae, and 21–22 total subdigital lamellae on the fourth toe; 18 or 19 enlarged femorals; 12 enlarged precloacals; four rows of enlarged post-precloacals; three postcloacal tubercles in males; five precloacal pores in the male; no pitted precloacal scales in females; enlarged femorals and enlarged precloacals not continuous; proximal femorals less than one-half size of distal femorals; enlarged subcaudals; maximum SVL 111.7 mm; small, irregularly shaped dark blotches on top of head; and four irregularly shaped body bands edged with white tubercles wider than the interspaces (Tables 5, 6).

Comparisons. Within the Cyrtodactylus irregularis group, C. raglai sp. nov. is most closely related to C. kingsadai, C. cryptus, and an undescribed species from Ba Na with which it forms a monophyletic group. It differs from both the described species in having a far greater maximum SVL (111.7 mm vs. 90.8–94 mm collectively) and fewer precloacal pores in the single male specimen (five vs. 7–11, collectively). It differs further from its sister species C. kingsadai in having significantly fewer supralabials (10 or 11 vs. 10–14, collectively), longitudinal rows of tubercles (14 or 15 vs. 14–23, collectively), and ventral scales (36–39 vs. 39–46, collectively), and a significantly longer head (adjusted head length 3.29–3.34 vs. 3.21–3.29, collectively) (Table 2; Figs 4, 5). It differs further from C. cryptus by having significantly more supralabials, significantly fewer longitudinal rows of tubercles, ventral scales, enlarged subcaudals, a significantly longer head, longer snout, larger eye, and a significantly narrower head (Table 2: Figs 4, 5). From the other nominal species in clade 1, C. raglai sp. nov. differs having a greater maximum SVL (111.7 mm vs. 79.8–104.1 mm collectively), fewer ventral scales (36–39 vs. 39–57 collectively), fewer precloacal pores in the single male specimen (five vs. 6–11 collectively), no precloacal pits in females, and enlarged subcaudals (also lacking in C. pseudoquadrivirgatus and C. taynguyenensis) (Table 5). 
EtymologyThe new species name “raglai” is given in a reference to the Raglai people, an ethnic group living in the forested mountain areas of Khanh Hoa Province of Vietnam, including the Song Giang River Valley where the new species was found. In Raglai language, the self-designating word “raglai” also means “forest”, stressing the importance of the tropical forest ecosystem for this people. To reflect this polysemy, the new species name is given as a noun in apposition and hence is invariable.  
  • Nguyen AT, Duong TV, Grismer LL, Poyarkov NA 2021. A new granite cave-dwelling Bent-toed Gecko from Vietnam of the Cyrtodactylus irregularis group (Squamata; Gekkonidae) and a discussion on cave ecomorphology. Vertebrate Zoology, 71: 155-174 - get paper here
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