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Daboia palaestinae (WERNER, 1938)

IUCN Red List - Daboia palaestinae - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaViperidae, Viperinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common NamesE: Palestine Viper
G: Palästinaviper 
SynonymVipera palaestinae WERNER 1938
Vipera xanthina palaestinae — MERTENS 1952
Vipera palaestinae — NILSON & SUNDBERG 1981
Daboia (Daboia) palaestinae — OBST 1983: 233
Vipera palaestinae — WELCH 1994: 123
Vipera palaestinae — MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999: 407
Vipera palaestinae — DISI et al. 2001: 339
Daboia palaestinae — MALLOW et al. 2003
Vipera (s.l.) palaestinae — VENCHI & SINDACO 2006
Daboia palaestinae — STÜMPEL & JOGER 2009
Vipera palaestinae — GRUBER 2009
Vipera palaestinae — VOLYNCHIK 2011
Maxhoservipera palaestinae — HOSER 2012 (preliminary)
Daboia palaestinae — WALLACH et al. 2014: 207
Daboia palaestinae — MEIRI et al. 2019 
DistributionSyria, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon

Type locality: Haifa, Israel (given as “Palaestina”)  
TypesHolotype: ZSM 70/1938 

Distribution: Not found in Turkey but close to the Turkish-Syrian border (Latakia; fide NILSON et al. 1988). For a map see Sindaco et al. 2013 and Bar et al. 2021.

Daboia palaestinae is the national snake of Israel. 
EtymologyNamed after the type locality. 
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