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Darevskia uzzelli (DAREVSKY & DANIELYAN, 1977)

IUCN Red List - Darevskia uzzelli - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Lacertini, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesG: Uzzells Felseneidechse 
SynonymLacerta uzzelli DAREVSKY & DANIELYAN 1977
Lacerta uzzelli — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Darevskia uzzelli — ARRIBAS 1997
Darevskia uzzelli — MURPHY et al. 2000
Archaeolacerta (Caucasilacerta) uzzelli — SINDACO et al. 2000
Lacerta (Darevskia) uzzelli — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Darevskia uzzelli — BÖHME 2014: 150 
DistributionNE Turkey (Kars-Plateau).

Type locality: Kars, Turkey  
Reproductionparthenogenetic "species" 
TypesHolotype: CAS 105689; Paratype: ZFMK 6532, female, CAS, ZISP 
CommentDistribution: not in Armenia fide Arakelyan et al. 2011. 
EtymologyNamed after Thomas Marshall Uzzell Jr. (1932-), American herpetologist. For (auto-) biographical notes see Uzzell in Schneider & Trueb 2021: 35-41. 
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