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Dibamus dezwaani DAS & LIM, 2005

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Higher TaxaDibamidae, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common Names 
SynonymDibamus dezwaani DAS & LIM 2005
Dibamus dezwaani — DAS & LIM 2009
Dibamus dezwaani — QUAH et al. 2017 
DistributionIndonesia (Nias)

Type locality: Lelewua, 1°13'N 97°34'E, 360 m elevation, Pulau Nias (Nias Island), Sumatera Utara Propinsi, Indonesia  
TypesHolotype: ZMA.RENA 15498 
DiagnosisDiagnosis.-A small species of Dibamus, distinguishable from congeners using the following combination of characters: SVL 123.1 mm; body relatively slender, 3.0% SVL; postoculars two; midbody scale rows 22; ventrals 178; subcaudals 37; frontonasal entire; incomplete rostral sutures; labial and nasals sutures complete; preanal pores absent; nuchal collar and body band absent; presacral vertebrae 126; postsacral vertebrae 23, and tail relatively short (12.75% SVL).
The new species of Dibamus from Pulau Nias is compared with all nominal species. The Nias material had been allocated to D. alfredi Taylor, 1962 (distribution: southern Thailand) by Greer (1985) but differentiated from that species in having the labial and nasal sutures complete and fused (vs. incomplete); midbody scale rows 22 (vs. 20); subcaudals 37 (vs. 41-47); and interparietal smaller (vs. larger) than frontal.
The new species has paired postoculars, which differentiates it from the following congeners with a single postocular: Dibamus bogadeki Darevsky, 1992 (Hong Kong, eastern China), Dibamus booliati Das and Yaakob, 2003 (northern Malay Peninsula), Dibamus bourreti Angel, 1935 (Tam Dao, Vietnam), Dibamus deharvengi Ineich, 1999 (Binh Chaˆu, Vietnam), Dibamus greeri Darevsky, 1992 (Vietnam), Dibamus montanus Smith, 1921 (Le Bosquet, Langbian Plateau, Vietnam), Dibamus nicobaricus (Fitzinger in Steindachner, 1867; Nicobar Archipelago, Bay of Bengal, India), and Dibamus leucurus (Bleeker, 1860; Sumatra, Borneo and islands of the southern Philippines). It also differs from Dibamus taylori Greer, 1985 (Sumba, Flores,Wetar and Lombok), which has 3-4 postoculars.
Dibamus somsaki Honda et al., 1997 (Khao Soi Dao National Park, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand) differs from the new species in having a complete (vs. absent) median rostral suture and subcaudals 57-59 (vs. 37). Dibamus ingeri Das and Lim (2003) from Borneo differs from the Nias species in showing a relatively stout body-body width 4.7% SVL (vs. 3.0%), frontonasals divided (vs. undivided), presacral vertebrae 97, postsacral vertebrae 21, and cream nuchal band (absent). Dibamus vorisi Das and Lim (2003), also from Borneo, differs from the new Nias species in having a lower subcaudals count, 33 (vs. 37); labial suture absent (vs. present), presacral vertebrae 97, postsacral vertebrae 20, and a pale brown body band (absent). Dibamus kondaoensis Honda et al., 2001 (Kondao Island, Vietnam) differs from the new species in having complete median rostral suture (incomplete), subcaudals 59 (vs. 37), presacral vertebrae 140 (vs. 126), postsacral vertebrae 33 (vs. 23), and scales bordering posterior edge of first infralabial three (vs. four). Dibamus smithi Greer, 1985 (Daban, Langbian Plateau, Vietnam) differs from the new species in showing midbody scale counts of 18- 19 (vs. 22), subcaudal counts of 59-61 (vs. 37), presacral vertebrae 130-137 (vs. 126), and postsacral vertebrae 30-34 (vs. 23).
The Nias species differs from Dibamus tiomanensis Diaz et al., 2004, from Pulau Tioman, Pahang, islands off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in showing 37 (vs. 45) subcaudals, 22 (vs. 23) midbody scale rows, 178 (vs. 220) ventrals, and interparietal surrounded by four (vs. 3) nuchals. It differs from Dibamus celebensis Schlegel, 1858 (Sulawesi, eastern Indonesia), in showing 22 (vs. 26-30) midbody scale rows, interparietal surrounded by four (vs. 3) nuchals, and postsacral counts of 17-20 in females; from D. novaeguineae Dume´ril and Bibron, 1839 (southern Philippines, Maluku and eastern New Guinea), in showing frontonasal deeper than frontal (vs. subequal), interparietal surrounded by four (vs. 3) nuchals, and presacral counts of 115-125 in females.
Finally, the new species differs from Dibamus seramensis Greer, 1985 (Seram, Makulu, eastern Indonesia) in its small size, SVL of the only specimen known 123.1 mm (vs. a maximum SVL of 203 mm), postoculars two (vs. 4), interparietal distinctly enlarged (vs. weakly differentiated) from adjacent scales, midbody scale rows 22 (vs. 33), and subcaudals 37 (vs. 40). 
CommentAbundance: only known from the type specimen (Meiri et al. 2017). 
EtymologyNamed after Johannes Pieter Kleiweg de Zwaan (1875–1971), a Dutch professor of anthropology at Amsterdam University, and collector of the type specimen. 
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