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Diplodactylus furcosus PETERS, 1863

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Higher TaxaDiplodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Ranges Stone Gecko, Forked Gecko 
SynonymDiplodactylus furcosus PETERS 1863: 229
Diplodactylus ornatus — GÜNTHER 1875 (partim)
Diplodactylus vittatus — BOULENGER 1885 (partim)
Diplodactylus furcosus — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Diplodactylus furcosus — BAUER et al. 1995: 54
Diplodactylus furcosus — RÖSLER 2000: 77
Diplodactylus furcosus — WILSON & SWAN 2010 
DistributionAustralia (SE South Australia, possibly adjacent New South Wales and Victoria)

Type locality: “Buchsfelde bei Adelaide in Südaustralien” [Loos, 4.5 km W of Gawler, South Australia] by implication.  
TypesLectotype: ZMB 39231 (designated by Kluge 1967) 
DiagnosisDiagnosis. A moderate-sized, longer tailed member of the D. vittatus complex, with strongly scalloped to zigzag vertebral stripe, sometimes a chain of angular blotches, strongly bifurcating on the head and extending as a relatively narrow dark-edged pale stripe to each eye. Flanks with no, small or large pale circular lateral spots. Pale markings thinly outlined in black. 
CommentGroup: Diplodactylus vittatus group.

Karyotypically distinct from Diplodactylus vittatus (King 1977). However, KLUGE (1993) still considered furcosus as a synonym of vittatus. Not listed by COGGER 2000 either.

D. furcosus is not included in the list of Diplodactylus species by OLIVER et al. (2007) although they list this taxon in various trees and appendices without discussing it further. 
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