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Diploderma slowinskii (RAO, VINDUM, MA, FU & WILKINSON, 2017)

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Draconinae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesChinese: 贡山龙蜥 
SynonymJapalura slowinskii RAO, VINDUM, MA, FU & WILKINSON 2017: 88
Diploderma slowinskii — WANG et al. 2018 
DistributionChina (Yunnan)

Type locality: small village S of Fugong (County), along Nu River, 26°48'44.0"N, 98°53'10.7"E, ca.1138 m elevation, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China  
TypesHolotype: KIZ 2000R0608 (JBS16231) (Figures 2–5), adult male, collected by D.Q. RAO and Joseph B. SLOWINSKI on 14 July, 2000. Paratypes All from China, Yunnan Province, Nujiang Prefecture, KIZ-JBS 04233, 04235, 04237, 16133- 34, 16137, 16254, CAS214971-73, 214989-215003, 215053, data as for holotype, except CAS214971-73 were collected on July 2000; CAS 214906 from a small village N of Gongshan (County) on E bank of Nu River, 27o48'21.4"N, 98o41'03.9"E, ca.1509m elevation, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, collected by D.Q. RAO and Joseph B. SLOWINSKI on 8 July, 2000; CAS 214951- 52, 214954 from Fugong along Nu River, 26o54'31.9"N, 98o51'59.8"E, ca.1206m elevation, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, collected by D. Q. RAO and Joseph B. SLOWINSKI on 11 and 12 July, 2000 respectively; CAS 215053 from near town of Luzhang, on eastern slope of Gaoligongshan, 25o56'47.2"N, 98o46'10.2"E, ca.2139m elevation, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, collected by D.Q. RAO and Joseph B. SLOWINSKI on 22 July, 2000; CAS 228178 from along Fugong-Liuku road, E side of Nu River, 26o50'42.9"N, 98o52'42.9"E, ca.1231m elevation, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, collected by D. Q. RAO and J. A. WILKINSON and J. V. VINDUM, on 10 October, 2002. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A large species of Japalura with a robust head and body compressed dorso-ventrally; SVL = 89.6±5.44 mm (n = 18; Male); SVL = 83.9±6.71 mm (n = 7; Female); smooth or feebly keeled dorsal head scales; exposed tympani; a transverse gular fold; a distinct oblique fold anterior to shoulder extending dorsally from transverse gular fold and continuing posteriorly beyond shoulder; dorsal scales heterogeneous, larger scales strongly keeled; a broken dorso-lateral row of enlarged and strongly keeled scales separated from dorsal crest scales by one large or two smaller scales, and separated from each other by one or two small scales; tail in adult males slightly swollen posterior to base; dorsum of males black with a turquoise dosolateral stripe on either side of mid-dorsal crest: fore and hind limbs green.
CommentSimilar species: J. splendida. Previous reports of Japalura splendida in Yunnan may represent J. slowinskii.

Comparisons Japalura slowinskii differs from other Japalura species except J. dymondi, J. kaulbacki, J. kumaonensis, J. major, J. tricarinata and J. varcoae by having exposed tympani. Among Japalura with exposed tympani, J. slowinskii differs from J. kumaonensis, J. major, J. tricarinata, J. varcoae, J. laeviventris, J. iadina, J. vela, J. yulongensis, J. brevicauda, and the J. flaviceps complex by its male having a prominent green dorso- lateral stripe on either side of the mid-dorsal crest (Smith, 1935); differs from J. kaulbacki by lacking enlarged gular scales (Smith, 1940).
Japalura slowinskii is most similar in appearance to J. dymondi (character states in parentheses), but differs by having smooth or feebly keeled dorsal head scales (strongly keeled or rugose), scale row above upper labials white with horizontal black edges (black), three relatively enlarged spines on either side of the post- occiput area (spines reduced), more strongly keeled and mucronate scales on occiput (few and slightly keeled and mucronate), scales within the lateral stripes strongly keeled and mucronate (weekly keeled, rounded and slightly mucronate), back of arm and leg green (brown), relatively more number of dorsal-ridge scales (DS, 36-51 [mainly 41-51] vs 37-39 in measured males) and fourth toe subdigital scales (T4S, 24-30 vs. 19-23) (see Table 4-5 in Rao et al. 2017).

Sympatry: In the north, J. slowinskii is sympatric with Pseudocalotes kakhienensis in the areas near the towns of Fugong, Gongshan and Binzhongluo. 
EtymologyNamed after Joseph Bruno SLOWINSKI  
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