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Dixonius dulayaphitakorum SUMONTHA & PAUWELS, 2020

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesThai: Djing-djok din Ranong
E: Ranong leaf-toed gecko
F: Dixonius de Ranong
G: Ranong-Blattfingergecko 
SynonymDixonius dulayaphitakorum SUMONTHA & PAUWELS 2020 
DistributionThailand (Ranong)

Type locality: garden of the Ranong Marine fisheries Research and Development Station, Ban Ring Subdistrict, Ranong city, Muang District, Ranong Province, peninsular Thailand  
TypesHolotype. AUP 02002 (field nr MS 626); adult male collected by Montri Sumontha on 20 february 2015.
Paratypes. (4) PSUZC-R 729 (field no. MS 621) and PSUZC-R 730 (field no. MS 622), adult males. AUP- 02003 (field no. MS 623) and PSUZC-R 731 (field no. MS 706), adult females. All paratypes with the same locality, collector and collecting date as the holotype, except PSUZC-R 731 (field no. MS 706), collected at the same site but in December 2016. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Dixonius dulayaphitakorum sp. nov. can be distinguished from all other congeneric species by its maximal known SVL of 47.8 mm, 22 longitudinal rows of dorsal tubercles; 33 to 35 paravertebral scales; 22 longitudinal rows of ventrals across the abdomen; six or seven precloacal pores in males, no pores in females; no distinct canthal stripe; and a spotted dorsal pattern. 
CommentActivity: nocturnal

Sympatry: Calotes versicolor, Draco maculatus, D. taeniopterus, Gekko gecko, Gehyra mutilata, Hemidactylus frenatus, H. platyurus and H. murrayi, Hemiphyllodactylus typus, Eutropis multifasciata, Lygosoma bowringii, Sphenomorphus maculatus, Chrysopelea ornata, C. paradisi , Coelognathus radiatus, Gonyosoma oxycephalum, Ptyas korros, Cylindrophis cf. ruffus, Naja kaouthia Lesson, Homalopsis semizonata, Rhabdophis subminiatus, Xenochrophis trianguligerus, Indotyphlops braminus, Xenopeltis unicolor. 
EtymologyNamed after Mr. Santisak and Mrs. Boonneam Dulayaphitak, friends of the first author, for their support to his herpetological field work. 
  • NGUYEN, T. H., LUU, V. Q., SITTHIVONG, S., NGO, H. T., NGUYEN, T. Q., LE, M. D., & ZIEGLER, T. 2021. A new species of Dixonius (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Vientiane Capital, Laos. Zootaxa 4965 (2): 351-362 - get paper here
  • PAUWELS, OLIVIER S. G.; NONN PANITVONG, KIRATI KUNYA, MONTRI SUMONTHA 2021. A new sandstone-dwelling leaf-toed gecko (Gekkonidae: Dixonius mekongensis) from the Thai-Lao border. Zootaxa 4969: 526–538 - get paper here
  • SUMONTHA, MONTRI; OLIVIER S. G. PAUWELS 2020. A new leaf-toed gecko (Gekkonidae: Dixonius) from the city of Ranong, southwestern Thailand. Zootaxa 4852 (2): 166–176 - get paper here
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