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Eugongylus rufescens (SHAW, 1802)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Eugongylinae, Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Bar-lipped Sheen-skink 
SynonymLacerta rufescens SHAW 1802: 285 (part.)
Scincus aurata SCHNEIDER 1801: 176 (part.)
Eumeces Oppelii DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1839: 656
Mabouia macrura GÜNTHER 1867: 48
Eumeces uniformis MEYER 1874: 133
Eumeces brunneus MACLEAY 1877: 65
Mabuia uniformis — MACLEAY 1877: 65
Euprepes (Tiliqua) cingulatus PETERS & DORIA 1878: 352
Eumeces Oppellii — MÜLLER 1880: 125
Lygosoma (Riopa) rufescens — STERNFELD 1918: 419
Riopa rufescens — HEDIGER 1934
Riopa (Eugongylus) rufescens — SMITH 1937: 229
Eugongylus rufescens — GREER 1974: 14
Eugongylus rufescens — BÖHME 1976
Eugongylus rufescens — COGGER 1983: 164
Eugongylus rufescens — MYS 1988: 138
Eugongylus rufescens — COGGER 2000: 480
Lygosoma rufescens
Eugongylus rufescens — WHITING et al. 2003
Eugongylus rufescens — COUPER et al. 2006: 380
Eugongylus rufescens — KOCH 2012: 208 
DistributionAustralia (Queensland), Admirality Islands, Indonesia (Irian Jaya, Sulawesi, Seram, Ambon), Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands [McCoy 2000]

Type locality: see note below.  
TypesTypes: unknown, composite and based, at least in part, on literature records (Aldrovandi, 1637; Seba, 1735); see also Boulenger (1887). Type data: unknown, from "Arabia, Egypt [Seba], and some European islands including Cyprus [Aldrovandi]" (Lacerta rufescens)
Holotype: unknown, from “Surinam” [Scincus aurata]
Syntypes: MNHP 1243, MNHP 2918, from New Guinea [Eumeces oppelii].
Holotype: BMNH 1946.8.13.73, from Cape York, Qld. [Mabouia macrura]
Syntypes: MTD (= MTKD) 242-243, from Mafoor, New Guinea, destroyed fide Obst (1977) [Eumeces uniformis].
Syntypes: AM R31864-6, from Darnley Is., Torres Strait, Qld. [Eumeces brunneus]
Holotype: AM R31867, from Coconut Is., Torres Strait, Qld. [Mabuia uniformis].
Holotype: MSNG 27904, from Mansinam, Irian Jaya, Indonesia [cingulatus]. 
CommentSynonymy and type information mainly after COGGER 1983: Name should be Eugongylus rufescens (SHAW 1802).

Type Species: Eumeces Oppelii = Lacerta rufescens is the type species of the genus Eugongylus FITZINGER 1843 (fide GREER 194: 13).

Original description of Scincus aurata is based in part on specimens from Indo-Australian region; New World syntypes have been referred to Mabuya aurata (Schneider, 1801) and Mabuya sloanii (Daudin, 1802); we are not aware of any lectotype or neotype designation.

Habitat: in forested or partly open areas, in or under moist, decaying stumps and logs. 
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