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Furina ornata (GRAY, 1842)

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Higher TaxaElapidae (Hydrophiinae), Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common NamesE: Orange-naped Snake
E: Orange-naped whipsnake [christeanus]
G: Nördlicher Rotnackenotter 
SynonymElaps ornatus GRAY 1842: 55
Brachysoma simile MACLEAY 1878: 221
Pseudelaps christieanus FRY 1915: 91
Pseudelaps christeanus — WORRELL 1945: 32
Lunelaps christianus — WORRELL 1961
Furina ornata — COGGER 1983: 225
Aspidomorphus christieanus — MINTON et al. 1970
Furina christieanus — UNDERWOOD 1979
Furina ornata — STORR 1981
Lunelaps christieanus — MENGDEN 1983
Furina ornata — GOLAY et al. 1993: 137
Furina ornata — WELCH 1994: 63
Furina ornata — COGGER 2000: 653
Furina ornata —FERGUSON et al. 2012
Furina ornata — WALLACH et al. 2014: 298 
DistributionAustralia (Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia)

Type locality: "Australia, (Swan River?)".  
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1946.1.21.76
Syntypes: AM R31928-31, from Port Darwin, N. T. [Brachysoma simile]
Holotype: AM R4989, from Port Darwin, N. T. [Pseudelaps christieanus] 
CommentSynonymy partly after GOLAY et al. 1993.

Venomous! Worrell (1945) found that Pseudelaps christeanus was not aggressive and only became more aroused “after continuous provocation” but is usually “handled without resistance”. Forced bites on his fingers “produced no irritating or otherwise ill effects”, given that this is a rather small snake. 
EtymologyThe Latin ornata, -us, = decorated" or "ornamented," refers to the ornate coloration. 
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