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Gehyra interstitialis OUDEMANS, 1894

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Oudeman’s four-clawed gecko, Oudeman's Dtella 
SynonymGehyra interstitialis OUDEMANS in SEMON 1894: 134
Peropus interstitialis — BARBOUR 1912
Gehyra interstitialis — DE ROOIJ 1915: 40
Gehyra interstitialis — LOVERIDGE 1948: 316
Peropus interstitialis — CHRAPLIWY et al. 1961: 11
Gehyra interstitialis — KLUGE 1993
Gehyra interstitialis — RÖSLER 2000: 80 
DistributionW Papua New Guinea
Indonesia (Irian Jaya)

Type locality: New Guinea.  
TypesHolotype: lost, formerly ZMA (fide Daan & Hillenius 1966). 
DiagnosisDescription: Head more long than broad ; snout longer than the distance between the eye and the ear-opening, about one and one third time the diameter of the orbit; forehead concave; ear-opening moderate, suboval, oblique. A slight fold between the corner of the mouth and the fore limb, a stronger one between axilla and groin and one bordering the hind limb posteriorly. Rostral four-sided, twice as broad as high, with median cleft; nostril bordered by the rostral, the first labial and three or four nasals, the median large, but not in contact with its fellow. Nine to eleven upper and seven to nine lower labials; mental triangular; three pair of chin-shields, inner largest and forming a suture, shorter than those in G. mutilata. Back covered with small granules. Ventral scales rather small, flat, imbricate, those on the throat not much smaller. Male with 50 round femoral pores in a curved line, angular in the middle. Tail round, somewhat depressed at the base, covered above with equal, small scales, beneath with a median series of large, transversely dilated scales. Digits webbed at the base, infradigital lamellae divided, 15 under the median toe. Inner toe with a small, retractile claw, thumb clawless (de Rooij 1915: 40).

Coloration: Greyish or brownish above, with numerous small whitish spots on head and back. Limbs with light spots confluent into cross lines; a white spot on the base of each digit. Tail with small white cross lines. Lower parts uniform brownish or greyish-white, each scale dotted with dark brown (de Rooij 1915: 40).

Size: Length of head and body 61 mm.; tail 55 mm (de Rooij 1915: 40). 
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