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Gonatodes concinnatus (O’SHAUGHNESSY, 1881)

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Higher TaxaSphaerodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: O'Shaughnessy's Gecko 
SynonymGoniodactylus concinnatus O’SHAUGHNESSY 1881: 237
Goniodactylus buckleyi O’SHAUGHNESSY 1881
Gonatodes concinnatus — BOULENGER 1885: 61
Gonatodes concinnatus — WERNER 1913: 2
Gonatodes concinnatus — PETERS & DONOSO-BARROS 1970: 132
Gonatodes concinnatus — DUELLMAN 1978: 195
Gonatodes concinnatus — RÖSLER 2000: 84
Gonatodes concinnatus — STURARO & AVILA-PIRES 2011
Gonatodes concinnatus — MENESES-PELAYO & RAMÍREZ 2020 
DistributionEcuador (Canelos), Colombia, N Venezuela, NW Brazil (?), N Peru

Type locality: Canelos, Ecuador  
TypesSyntypes: BMNH 1946.9.7.10-12 (3) 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A relatively large Gonatodes, with maximum SLV of 52.6 mm. Scales around midbody 109–131. Ventral scales in a longitudinal row 49–61. Proximal subdigital lamellae as wide as digits, in total 17–22 under fourth finger, 21–27 under fourth toe. Three or four lateral rows of scales on distal portion of fingers and toes. Tail with midventral scales distinctly wider than long, forming a repetitive sequence of two single midventrals (one after the other), each in contact with one laterodistal scale per side, followed by a divided (only on proximal portion of tail, when present) or single midventral in contact with two laterodistal scales per side (respectively 1’1’2” and 1’1’1”). 
CommentTaxonomy: populations previously assigned to Gonatodes concinnatus have been described as Gonatodes riveroi.

Distribution: because some populations of Gonatodes concinnatus have recently been described as other species the distribution of this species may be much smaller.

Description: G. concinnatus shows dramatic sexual dimorphism (see Fig. 6 in STURARO & AVILA-PIRES 2011).

Behavior: mainly diurnal

Synonymy: Rivero-Blanco (1968), based on specimens from the type locality but without examining the type material of G. ligiae, considered it a synonym of G. concinnatus. Gonatodes concinnatus ligiae DONOSO-BARROS 1967 has been elevated to full species status by STURARO & AVILA-PIRES 2011.

Diet: a large percentage of the diet of this species (10-30%) consists of ants (Lucas et al. 2023). 
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