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Goniurosaurus hainanensis BARBOUR, 1908

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Higher TaxaEublepharidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesG: Hainan-Krallengecko
Chinese: 海南睑虎 
SynonymGoniurosaurus hainanensis BARBOUR 1908: 316
Goniurosaurus hainanensis — GRISMER 2000
Goniurosaurus hainanensis — PIANKA & VITT 2003: 171
Goniurosaurus hainanensis — DICKHOFF 2004
Goniurosaurus hainanensis — SEUFER et al. 2005
Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi hainanensis 
DistributionSE-Hainan (China)

Type locality: Mt. Wuchi, Central Hainan.  
TypesHolotype: MCZ 7104 
DiagnosisOriginal diagnosis (genus): “Digits moderate; otherwise exactly as in Aelurosaurus. Body covered with excessively small, flat juxtaposed scales and larger tubercle-like scales. Upper and lower eyelids well developed, as in Aelurosaurus (Geckonidae) and in the Eublepharidae. Pupil vertical. Tail elongate with whorls of scales proximally. That the tail is capable of being curled up is evident from its position in the type preserved in alcohol. Possibly this genus should also contain Pentadactylas brunneus Cope, which Boulenger placed provisionally in Aelurosaurus.” (from BARBOUR 1908).

Diagnosis (genus): rod-like clavicles; the anterior portion of interclavicle being dorsal to clavicles; a cleft rostral scale; enlarged caudal scale whorls; the anterolateral palatine projections being overlapped by the maxillae; the posteroventral portion of the parietal being smooth; the posterior section of the prootic wings not contacting the medial bulge of the prootics; the lack of tubercles surrounding the auditory meatus; extensive distal fusion of sacral transverse processes; a dorsal ridge on the ulnare; and the retention of the juvenile caudal color pattern of black and white bands into adulthood, which are unique to Goniurosaurus (after Grismer 1988, and Grismer et al. 1999, cited in WANG et al. 2010). 
CommentSynonymy: Goniurosaurus hainanensis has been synonymized with G. lichtenfelderi by SMITH 1935.

Type Species: Goniurosaurus hainanensis BARBOUR 1908 is the type species of the genus Goniurosaurus BARBOUR 1908.

Phylogenetics: for a phylogenetic analysis of the genus see Liang et al. 2018. 
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