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Heteronotia binoei (GRAY, 1845)

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Prickly Gecko, Bynoe's Gecko 
SynonymHeteronota Binoei GRAY 1845: 174
Eublepharis Derbianus GRAY 1845
Gymnodactylus Binoei — DUMÉRIL 1856
Phyllodactylus anomalus PETERS 1867: 14
Hoplodactylus (Pentadactylus) australis STEINDACHNER 1867
Pentadactylus australis — GRAY 1867
Diplodactylus anomalus — SCHMELTZ 1869
Heteronota binoei — GÜNTHER 1875
Discodactylus anomalus — SCHMELTZ 1877
Diplodactylus annulatus MACLEAY 1877: 97
Heteronota binoei — BOULENGER 1885: 74
Heteronota derbiana — BOULENGER 1885: 75
Diplodactylus annulatus — BOULENGER 1885: 97
Heteronota Derbyana — STRAUCH 1887
Heteronota derbiana — OUDEMANS 1894: 132
Heteronota bynoei LUCAS & FROST 1896
Heteronotia binoei — STERNFELD 1925: 229
Heteronotia binoei — WORRELL 1963
Heteronotia anomalus — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Heteronotia annulata — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985
Heteronotia anomala — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985
Heteronotia derbiana — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985
Heteronotia horneri WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 13
Heteronotia wadei WELLS & WELLINGTON 1985: 13
Heteronotia binoei — RÖSLER 1995: 126
Heteronotia binoei — COGGER 2000: 247
Heteronotia binoei — WILSON & SWAN 2010 
DistributionAustralia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland,
South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia)

Type locality: Houtman's Abrolhos.

Type locality: “Rockhampton in Ostaustralien” [Queensland] [Phyllodactylus anomalus PETERS 1867].  
ReproductionThis "species" is (at least partly) parthenogenetic (Fujita et al. 2020). 
TypesHolotype: BMNH xxii.93a
Holotype: ZMB 5718 [Phyllodactylus anomalus PETERS 1867] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (genus). A genus of moderately small (~50 mm SVL), slender gekkonine lizards with small narrow head and long slender tail tapering to a point; rostral and mental shields rounded; labials much larger than neighboring scales, 4 enlarged postmentals, digits long and slender, with claw between three enlarged scales; no enlarged apical lamellae, single row of enlarged transverse lamellae beneath digits; precloacal pores present in males, cloacal spurs not greatly enlarged.

Diagnosis (genus): Heteronota [sic] can be distinguished from all other genera of the Gekkonidae by the following combination of characters: terrestrial species with long slender digits; distal phalangeal elements slightly angulate; subdigital lamellae large, rectangular and swollen; a pair of sub- apical plates; two rows of scales covering sides of digits; subcaudals greatly enlarged trans- versely; dorsal body scales heterogeneous, con- sisting of large trihedral tubercles in regular 01' irregular longitudinal rows and separated by small smooth or keeled conical granules; ventral body scales large, smooth and imbricate: a short angular series of preanal pores in males: cloacal sacs in males and females: a single pair of cloacal bones in mental and post- mentals large; primary postmentals in contact behind mental; rostral and first supralabial border nostril; pupil with emarginations on both anterior and posterior margins (Kluge 1963). 
CommentDistribution: Does not occur in the more humid regions of SW-West Australia and S-Victoria and adjacent South Australia and New South Wales.

Type species: Heteronota Binoei GRAY 1845 is the type species of the genus Heteronotia WERMUTH 1965 (nomen novum pro Heteronota GRAY non Heteronota GERMAR 1835 = nomen substitutum pro Heteronotus LAPORTE-CASTELNAU 1832 [Rhynchota] non Heteronota MEYRICK 1902 [Lepidoptera]). 
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