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Lepidodactylus listeri (BOULENGER, 1889)

IUCN Red List - Lepidodactylus listeri - Vulnerable, VU

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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Christmas Island Chained Gecko, Lister’s gecko 
SynonymGecko listeri BOULENGER 1889: 535
Gecko listeri — GIBSON-HILL 1947
Lepidodactylus listeri — KLUGE 1968
Lepidodactylus listeri — KLUGE 1993
Lepidodactylus listeri — COGGER 2000: 728
Lepidodactylus listeri — SCHWARZ 2018 
DistributionChristmas Islands (Indian Ocean, belongs to Australia)

Type locality: Christmas Is., Indian Ocean.  
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1946.8.25.91 
DiagnosisOriginal description: “Head moderate, snout once and one third the diameter of the orbit, which equals its distance from the very small, round ear opening forehead scarcely concave. Head covered with small col granules, which are considerably larger on the snout rostral quad rangular, more than twice as broad as deep, without cleft nostril pierced between the rostral, the first labial, and three nasals twelve upper and ten lower labials three transverse rows of small hexa gonal chin-shields. Dorsal scales uniform, minutely granular ventrals much larger, roundish hexagonal, subimbricate. Digits with a very slight rudiment of web seven or eight angularly curved lamellae under the median toes. A short angular series of twelve praeanal pores. Tail cylindrical, covered with uniform small flat scales, which are largest inferiorly. Pale grey-brown above, with A few rather indistinct brown spots aud scattered white dots 8 brown streak from the nostril to the eye; lower parts white, with small brown spots.” (based on 1 specimen, Boulenger 1889)

Measurements of the holotype (from Boulenger 1889):

Total length: 79 mm
Head: 12 mm
Width of head: 8•5 mm
Body: 29 mm
Fore limb: 12 mm
Hind limb: 15 mm
Tail: 38 mm 
CommentGroup: Member of Lepidodactylus group I.

Distribution: Erroneously reported from Cook Islands.

Conservation: Extinct in the wild fide Tingley et al. 2019. 
EtymologyNamed after Joseph Jackson Lister (1857-1928). 
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