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Lissemys punctata (BONNATERRE, 1789)

IUCN Red List - Lissemys punctata - Least Concern, LR

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Higher TaxaTrionychidae (Cyclanorbinae), Trionychoidea, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesLissemys punctata punctata (BONNATERRE 1789)
Lissemys punctata andersoni WEBB 1980
Lissemys punctata vittata (PETERS 1854) 
Common NamesE: Indian Flap-shelled Turtle
G: Klappen-Weichschildkröte 
SynonymTestudo punctata LACÉPÈDE 1788 (non T. punctata SCHOEPFF 1792)
Testudo punctata — M. BONNATERRE 1789: 30
Testudo granulosa SUCKOW 1798 (nom. subst.)
Trionyx punctata — HARDWICKE & GRAY 1835
Trionyx granosus — HARDWICKE & GRAY 1835
Emyda punctata — BELL 1836-1842
Emyda punctata — GRAY 1856: 268
Emyda granosa — THEOBALD 1868: 18
Trionyx granulosus — BRÜHL 1880
Emyda granosa — MURRAY 1886: 10
Emyda granosa — BOULENGER 1889
Emyda granosa — SIEBENROCK 1913
Lissemys punctata — SMITH 1931 (nom. nov.)
Lissemys punctata — SCHÄFER 2006
Lissemys punctata — TTWG 2021

Lissemys punctata andersoni (WEBB 1980)
Emydura dura ANDERSON 1876
Lissemys punctata forma typica — SMITH 1931
Lissemys punctata andersoni WEBB 1980 (nom. nov.)
Lissemys punctata andersoni — IVERSON 1992
Lissemys punctata andersoni — HENNEN 2001
Lissemys punctata andersoni — HALLERMANN et al. 2001
Lissemys punctata andersoni — SAIKIA et al. 2007
Lissemys spuntata andersoni — ALI et al. 2016 (in error)
Lissemys punctata andersoni — TTWG 2021

Lissemys punctata punctata (BONNATERRE 1789)
Testudo granosa SCHOEPFF 1801
Testudo granulata SHAW 1802
Trionyx coromandelicus GEOFFROY 1809
Cryptopus Granosus — DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1835: 501
Emyda granosa — BOULENGER 1889 partim
Lissemys punctata granosa — SMITH 1931
Lissemys punctata punctata — IVERSON 1986
Lissemys punctata punctata — HALLERMANN et al. 2001
Lissemys punctata punctata — TTWG 2021

Lissemys punctata vittata (PETERS 1854)
Emys vittata PETERS 1854: 216
Emyda vittata — BOULENGER 1889
Emyda vittata — ANNANDALE 1907: 397
Emyda granosa intermedia ANNANDALE 1912
Lissemys punctata vittata — PRASCHAG et al. 2011
Lissemys punctata vittata — TTWG 2021 
DistributionPakistan, India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Sikkim, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Punjab), Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh (Indus and Ganges drainages), Burma (Irrawaddy and Salween rivers)

Introduced to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (fide LEVER 2003: 25).

andersoni: Bangladesh, India (West Bengal), Nepal, Pakistan, N Myanmar

Type locality: "Des grandes Indes" (= continental India); restricted to "Pondicherry, Coromandel Coast, India" (11º 56'N; 79º 53'E, on the southeast coast of India) by Webb (1980). See Bour et al. (1995) for additional comments.

Type locality: “Pegu” [Burma = Myanmar]

Type locality: “India orientalis, Goa” [Emys vittata PETERS 1854]  
TypesHolotype: MNHN-RA 7978 (type of Lacepède)
Holotype: MNHN-RA 1977.1486, collected by Alain Dubois, on 23 May 1973 [andersoni]
Syntypes: ZMB 46, 17772 [vittata] 
CommentSubspecies: Lissemys punctata scutata has been considered a valid species recently. Color plate of L. p. andersoni in Hennen (2001). PRASCHAG et al. 2011 suggested to separate Sri Lankan populations as the distinct species L. ceylonensis (Gray, 1856) from L. punctata. However, they did not provide revised diagnoses for these species nor any other justification than different DNA sequences.

SAVAGE (2003) suggested to reject Lacepède’s (1788) “Histoire Naturelle des Quadrupèdes Ovipares” as a non-binominal work (Case 3226; Bull. Zool. Nom. 60 (2)). This application has been successful. The ICZN (2005) has ruled that Lacepède’s (1788) work (and all subsequent editions of this work) are rejected as an unavailable, non-binominal work.

Distribution: possibly in Bhutan (Lenz 2012 and references therein).

Type species: Testudo punctata LACÉPÈDE 1788 (non T. punctata SCHOEPFF 1792) is the type species of the genus Lissemys SMITH 1931, a replacement name for Emyda GRAY 1831 which is pre-occupied by Emyda RAFINESQUE 1815.

Habitat: freshwater (rivers and tributaries, lakes) 
EtymologyNamed after the Neo-Latin word for spotted, in allusion to the dark-spotted carapace of some populations of the typical subspecies from India. The yellow-spotted andersoni however, has more distinctive spots, but the species is based on the southern subspecies (see Webb, 1980). 
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