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Mauremys nigricans (GRAY, 1834)

IUCN Red List - Mauremys nigricans - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaGeoemydidae (Geoemydinae), Testudinoidea, Testudines (turtles)
Common NamesE: Redneck Pond Turtle, Kwangtung River Turtle, Black-Necked Pond Turtle
G: Chinesische Rothalsschildkröte
Chinese: 黑颈乌龟 
SynonymEmys nigricans GRAY 1834
Clemmys nigricans STRAUCH 1862 (part.)
Damonia nigricans GRAY 1870
Clemmys nigricans — SIEBENROCK 1903
Geoclemys kwangtungensis POPE 1934
Chinemys nigricans FANG 1934
Clemmys kwangtungensis — MELL 1938 (ex errore)
Chinemys kwangtungensis — BOURRET 1941
Geoclemys palaeannamitica BOURRET 1941:10 (nomen dubium)
Chinemys nigricans — IVERSON & MCCORD 1989
Mauremys nigricans — KING & BURKE 1989
Chinemys nigricans — OBST 2003: 17
Mauremys nigricans — FELDHAM & PARHAM 2004
Chinemys nigricans — MCCORD & JOSEPH-OUNI 2004
Mauremys nigricans — RHODIN et al. 2010
Mauremys nigricans — TTWG 2021 
DistributionN Vietnam (?), S China (Provinces Kwangtung = Guangdong, Guangxi, possibly Fujian and Yunnan), Hainan, Taiwan

Type locality: “China prope Canton” [= near Gangzhou (=Canton), Guangdong (=Kwangtung) Province, China]  
ReproductionOviparous. Exhibits temperature‐dependent sex determination (TSD) fide Cornejo-Páramo et al. 2020 (and references therein). 
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1947.3.5.35 
CommentSynonymy: Has been synonymized with Mauremys mutica by various authors (e.g. McDowell 1964).

Distribution: Does not ocur in Japan (T. HIKIDA, pers. comm.)

Habitat: freshwater (Rivers, swamps, ponds) 
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