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Namazonurus pustulatus (PETERS, 1862)

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Higher TaxaCordylidae (Cordylinae), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Herero Girdled Lizard 
SynonymZonurus pustulatus PETERS 1862: 19
Zonurus pustulatus — BOULENGER 1885: 258
Cordylus cordylus pustulatus FITZSIMONS 1943
Cordylus pustulatus — LOVERIDGE 1944
Cordylus pustulatus — BAUER et al. 1995: 54
Cordylus pustulatus — ADOLPHS 2006
Namazonurus pustulatus — STANLEY et al. 2011
Namazonurus pustulatus — REISSIG 2014
Namazonurus pustulatus — SCHLEICHER 2020 
DistributionNamibia (Hereroland)

Type locality: Neu-Barmen [= Otjimbingue, Namibia] by implication.  
ReproductionOvoviviparous / Viviparous, giving birth to 2–4 young. 
TypesSyntypes: ZMB 4221, 4222; another type, ZMB 4361 apparently lost fide Bauer et al. 1994. 
DiagnosisDefinition (genus): Body flattened in cross-section, small-sized (maximum SVL 75–82 mm), robust. Limbs of moderate length, digits unreduced. Supernasals enlarged and tubular. Dorsal scales small and smooth to keeled in 22–32 transverse rows; caudal scales enlarged and spinose; head triangular; no occipital spines present. Lower eyelid with or without transparent disc. Tongue unpigmented. Osteoderms distributed across entire body (Stanley et al. 2011) 
CommentType species: Zonurus pustulatus PETERS 1862 is the type species of the genus Namazonurus STANLEY et al. 2011. 
EtymologyEtymology (genus): Masculine name derived from Nama, referring to Namaqualand as broadly construed, the area occupied by Nama speaking peoples, and Zonurus, girdle-tailed, the earlier name long used for Cordylus sensu lato. 
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