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Nephrurus eromanga OLIVER, DONNELLAN & GUNN, 2022

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Eromanga Basin Knob-Tail Gecko 
SynonymNephrurus eromanga OLIVER, DONNELLAN & GUNN 2022 
DistributionAustralia (CW Queensland)

Type locality: 4 km N. of Diamantina Station (23°44 0 S, 141°08 0 E),  
TypesHolotype: QM J97592 (formerly SAMA R42602), collected by B. Miller, G. Armstrong and J. Birrell on 12 October 1993.
Paratypes: QM J4525–6, 140°300E); QM J70473 Tick Hill, 25 km SSE of Duchess (21°38 0 47′′S, 139°55 0 47′′E); QM J31976, QMJ35040, Winton (22°23 0 S, 143°02 0 E); QM J5727, Lucknow Stn, W of Winton (22°430S, 140°550E); QM J28699, Cork Stn via Winton (22°560S, 142°180E); QM J9912, Longreach (23°26 0 S, 144°15 0 E); AMS R120094, Mayne Junction Hotel, approx. 40 km N of Diamantina Lakes Stn (23°33 0 S, 141°22 0 E); QM J31545, Winton fossil site (23°50 0 S, 142°15 0 E); QM J7878, Jundah (24°50 0 S, 143°04 0 E); SAMA R42600, 6 km N of Diamantina Stn (23°43 0 S, 141°08 0 E); SAMA R42601, 4 km N of Diamantina Stn (23°44 0 S, 141°08 0 E); QM J741, Diamantina Lakes (23°46 0 S, 141°08 0 E); QM J83532–3, Homestead on Westerton Stn (24°03 0 S, 142°49 0 30′′E); QM J10526, Jundah (24°50 0 S, 143°04 0 E); SAMA R42603, 85 km W of Windorah (25°21 0 S, 141°50 0 E); SAMA R55288–9 The Monument, west side of Mt Bruce (23°45 0 S, 139°55 0 E). 
CommentInformation request form sent to authors on 4/2/2023 with details requested for next database release. 
EtymologyNamed after the Eromanga Basin, a Mesozoic sedimentary basin in inland eastern Australia that entirely circumscribes the distribution of the species. The name Eromanga is in turn derived from the small town of Eromanga (at which this species does not occur). Eromanga is used as a noun in apposition. 
  • Oliver, Paul M.; Stephen C. Donnellan and Bee F. Gunn 2022. Plio–Pleistocene vicariance across arid Australia in the ‘Spiny Knob-tailed Geckos’ (Nephrurus asper group), with the description of a new species from western Queensland. Australian Journal of Zoology, 69(6), 216–228 - get paper here
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