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Nephrurus levis DE VIS, 1886

IUCN Red List - Nephrurus levis - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
SubspeciesNephrurus levis levis DE VIS 1886
Nephrurus levis occidentalis STORR 1963
Nephrurus levis pilbarensis STORR 1963 
Common NamesE: Three-lined Knob-tail, Smooth Knob-tailed Gecko, Common Knob-tailed Gecko 
SynonymNephrurus levis DE VIS 1886
Nephrurus laevis — BOULENGER 1887
Nephrurus platyurus — BOULENGER 1887
Nephrurus laevis — STERNFELD 1925: 228
Nephrurus levis — COGGER 2000: 256
Nephrurus levis — OLIVER & BAUER 2011
Nephrurus levis — COGGER 2014: 266

Nephrurus levis levis DE VIS 1886
Nephrurus levis DE VIS 1886
Nephrurus platyurus BOULENGER 1886
Nephrurus levis levis — WERMUTH 1965
Nephrurus laevis laevis — BARTS & HULBERT 2004
Nephrurus levis levis — RÖSLER 2018: 23

Nephrurus levis occidentalis STORR 1963
Nephrurus levis occidentalis STORR 1963
Nephrurus occidentalis — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Nephrurus laevis occidentalis — KLUGE 1991
Nephrurus levis occidentalis — LAUBE 2001
Nephrurus levis occidentalis — DE LISLE et al. 2013

Nephrurus levis pilbarensis STORR 1963
Nephrurus levis pilbarensis STORR 1963
Nephrurus pilbarensis — WELLS & WELLINGTON 1984
Nephrurus laevis pilbarensis — KLUGE 1991
Nephrurus levis pilbarensis — RÖSLER 1995: 74
Nephrurus levis pilbarensis — LAUBE 2001
Nephrurus levis pilbarensis — DE LISLE et al. 2013 
DistributionAustralia (arid/semi-arid central Australia west of the Great Dividing Range:
New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia,
Western Australia)

occidentalis: central coast of Western Australia
pilbarensis: Pilbara region, Western Australia
levis: remainder of range: most of the arid interior of Australia

Type locality: not given, restriction to Chinchilla, Qld. proposed by Covacevich (1971).  
TypesHolotype: QM J246
Holotype: WAM R13918, ‘Narryer, WA (26°34'S, 115°56'E)’, N. Armstrong, 1961. Paratypes (14): R61, R7249, R10296, Mullewa, WA; R1904, Yuna, WA; R2255, Waggrakine, WA; R5323, Marilla, WA; R5353, Geraldton, WA; R8210, Warroora, WA; R8708, Onslow, WA; R9007, Cardabia, WA; R9165, Gnaraloo, WA; R13113, Yardie Creek, WA; R13917, Narryer, WA; R14027, North–west Cape, WA; R16864, 8 mi [12.8 km] SW Bullara, WA; R19643, Denham, WA [occidentalis]
Holotype: WAM R14835, ‘12 miles [19.3 km] east of Mundabullangana, WA (20°31'S, 118°13'E)’, G.M Storr and B.T. Clay, 23 February 1962. Paratypes (9): R1640, De Grey, WA; R3890, Well 15, Canning Stock Route, WA; R8520, Shaw River Tank, WA; R11330, Shaw River, WA; R13061–62, R13325, Woodstock, WA; R14833–34, Mundabullangana, WA [pilbarensis] 
CommentAbsent from SW- and NE-West Australia, humid regions of southeastern and east coastal Australia and from the tropical north. 
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