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Nephrurus sheai COUPER, 1994

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Kimberley Rough Knob-tail 
SynonymNephrurus sheai COUPER in COUPER & GREGSON 1994
Nephrurus sheai — COGGER 2000: 742
Nephrurus sheai — OLIVER & BAUER 2011
Nephrurus sheai — COGGER 2014: 267 
DistributionAustralia (Northern Territory)

Type locality: Bowerbird Camp, Magela Ck, NT (12°47'S, 133°07'E)  
TypesHolotype: NTM R11470, collected by I. Archibald and J. Bywater, 1 September 1983
Paratypes: AMS (AM), NTM, QM, NMV, SAMA; 42 paratypes in WAM: R1340, Leopold Downs, WA; R12614, Calwynyardah, WA; R13646, Kalumburu, WA; R26633, Halls Creek, WA; R27374, Kalumburu, WA; R43153, Mitchell Plateau, WA; R46116, Margaret River HS, WA; R46782, Prince Regent River [NP], WA; R47587, 8 km N Katherine, NT; R48175, Moola Bulla, WA; R50460, Drysdale River NP, WA; R52661, Lake Argyle, WA; R56423, King Edward River crossing, WA; R56466, Plain Creek, Beverley Springs Stn, WA; R57118, Inglis Gap, King Leopold Range, WA; R57123–27, Gibb River crossing, 47 km N Gibb River Stn, WA; R58636, 25 km SE Bedford Downs HS, WA; R58647, 10 km SE Lansdowne HS, WA; R58671, 20 km ENE Tableland, WA; R60343, R60362, R60947, Jasper Gorge, 53 km NW Victoria River Downs HS, NT; R64731, 4.5 km SE Clancys Yard, WA; R70029, 43 km NW Fitzroy Crossing, WA; R70551, 9.5 km W Inglis Gap, WA; R70552, 8.6 km 167o [SSE] Mt Amy, Napier Downs Stn, WA; R70562, 3.5 km WNW Lissadell HS, WA; R73904, Mt Barnett Stn, WA; R73903, Ellenbrae Stn, WA; R77269, R77581, R77585, Mitchell Plateau, WA; R83359, 24 km NW Mt Elizabeth HS, WA; R83531–32, Galvans Gorge, WA; R86927, Lake Argyle, WA; R87082, 0.5 km N Mary Pool, WA; R87092, 8 km SW Halls Creek, WA. 
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