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Pangshura tentoria (GRAY, 1834)

IUCN Red List - Pangshura tentoria - Least Concern, LR

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Higher TaxaGeoemydidae (Geoemydinae), Testudinoidea, Testudines (turtles)
SubspeciesPangshura tentoria tentoria (GRAY 1834)
Pangshura tentoria circumdata (MERTENS 1969)
Pangshura tentoria flaviventer (GÜNTHER 1864) 
Common NamesE: Indian Tent Turtle
G: Ostindische Dachschildkröte
E: circumdata: Pink-ringed roofed turtle 
SynonymEmys tentoria GRAY 1834
Emys (Pangshura) tectum var. intermedia BLANFORD 1870
Pangshura leithii GRAY 1870
Pangshura tentoria — MURRAY 1886: 8
Kachuga intermedia — BOULENGER 1889
Kachuga tectum tentoria— SMITH 1931
Kachuga tentoria — KING & BURKE 1989
Pangshura tentoria — SPINKS et al. 2004
Batagur tentoria — LE et al. 2007
Pangshura tentoria — DAS et al. 2008
Kachuga tentoria — MURTHY 2010: 23
Pangshura tentoria tentoria — RHODIN et al. 2010

Pangshura tentoria circumdata MERTENS 1969
Kachuga tentoria circumdata — OBST 2003: 17
Pangshura tentoria circumdata — VYAS 2007
Kachuga tentoria circumdata — GOSNELL et al. 2009
Kachuga tentoria circumdata — MURTHY 2010: 23
Pangshura tentoria circumdata — RHODIN et al. 2010

Pangshura tentoria flaviventer (GÜNTHER 1864)
Pangshura flaviventer GÜNTHER 1864: 35
Kachuga tentoria flaviventer — OBST 2003: 17
Kachuga tentoria flaviventer — MURTHY 2010: 23
Pangshura tentoria flaviventer — RHODIN et al. 2010
Pangshura flaviventer — CHETRY 2010
Pangshura flaviventer — KÄSTLE et al. 2013 
DistributionPeninsular India (Assam etc.), Bangladesh

tentoria: India

circumdata: India (Gujarat ?)

flaviventer: Bangladesh, India, Nepal

Type locality: "in Indiae Orientalis regione Dukhun [=Deccan] dicta"; restricted by Smith 1931:128, to "Dhond, Poona Dist.," India.  
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1947.3.4.72.
Holotype: SMF 52793 [circumdata]
Holotype: BMNH 1947.3.4.82 [flaviventer] 
CommentSubspecies: circumdata is listed as subspecies of tecta in KING & BURKE 1989. Subspecies following DAS 1996.

Distribution: possibly in Bhutan (Lenz 2012 and references therein). Pangshura tentoria was historically reported from Tapi river, South Gujarat (Bhatt, 1989; Frazier and Das, 1994). However, these species haven't been reported since then, and vouchers would be needed to confirm their continued existence in the state, hence not listed for Gujarat by Patel & Vyas 2019.

Habitat: freshwater (Rivers, swamps) 
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