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Pelomedusa olivacea (SCHWEIGGER, 1812)

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Higher TaxaPelomedusidae, Pelomedusoidea, Pleurodira, Testudines (turtles)
Common Names 
SynonymEmys olivacea SCHWEIGGER 1812: 307 (non GRAY 1855)
Pelomedusa gasconi ROCHEBRUNE 1884
Pelomedusa subrufa olivacea — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Pelomedusa subrufa olivacea — LOVERIDGE 1941
Pelomedusa olivacea — PETZOLD et al. 2014
Pelomedusa olivacea — TTWG 2017: 204 
DistributionBenin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal

Type locality: restricted to Senegal

gasconi: Senegal; Type locality restricted to Dagana, Senegal  
TypesNeotype: ZFMK 17076, original holotype MNHN-RA 7971 (shell only)
Neotype: ZFMK 17076, designated by Fritz et al. 2014 [gasconi] 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Small to medium-sized helmeted terrapins with a known maximum straight carapacial length of 16.8 cm. Pectoral scutes triangular and either just meeting at their tips along the plastral midseam or more or less widely separated. One large undivided temporal scale on each side of head. Two small barbels under chin. Carapace and plastron light coloured. Soft parts dorsally darker than ventrally. Pelomedusa olivacea differs from all other Pelomedusa species by the presence of guanine (G) instead of adenine (A) or cytosine (C) at position 123 and by the presence of adenine (A) instead of guanine (G) at position 271 of the 360-bp-long reference alignment of the 12S rRNA gene (Supporting Information) [from PETZOLD et al. 2014].
CommentDistribution: Map: Petzold et al. 2014

Habitat: freshwater (Ponds, swamps) 
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