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Pholidobolus montium (PETERS, 1863)

IUCN Red List - Pholidobolus montium - Near Threatened, NT

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Higher TaxaGymnophthalmidae (Cercosaurinae), Sauria, Gymnophthalmoidea, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Mountain Pholiodobolus
S: Lagartija de jardines de Quito 
SynonymEcpleopus (Pholidobolus) montium PETERS 1863: 196
Pholidobolus montium — BOULENGER 1885: 403
Pholidobolus montium — BAUER et al. 1995: 57
Pholidobolus montium — CASTOE et al. 2004 
DistributionEcuador, Colombia (elevation 8500-11000 feet).

Type locality: “Hochgebirge von Eucador” and “Quito” [Ecuador]; restricted to “Hochgebirge von Eucador” by designation of the lectotype.  
TypesLectotype: ZMB 900; designated by BAUER & GÜNTHER 1991. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis (genus): see Montanucci 1973: 31. Note, however, that “Morphological diagnostic apomorphies of Pholidobolus, as conceptualized here, are currently unclear. In contrast to Macropholidus (see Comments on that taxon), members of Pholidobolus lack a transparent palpebral disc in the lower eyelid and have a lateral fold between fore and hind limbs; however, the polartiy of these characters remains to be established.” (TORRES-CARVAJAL & MAFLA-ENDARA 2013). 
CommentSpecimens: A specimen from Leiden was mentioned in the description but not found in the RMNH collection (fide BAUER et al. 1995).

Type species: Ecpleopus (Pholidobolus) montium PETERS 1863 is the type species of the genus Pholidobolus PETERS 1863. 
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