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Phrynosoma ditmarsi STEJNEGER, 1906

IUCN Red List - Phrynosoma ditmarsi - Data Deficient, DD

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Higher TaxaPhrynosomatidae, Phrynosomatinae, Phrynosomatini; Iguania, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Rock Horned Lizard
S: Camaleón de Roca 
SynonymPhrynosoma ditmarsi STEJNEGER 1906
Phrynosoma ditmarsi — SMITH & TAYLOR 1950: 104
Phrynosoma ditmarsi — LINER 1994
Phrynosoma ditmarsi — PIANKA & VITT 2003: 161 
DistributionMexico (Sonora)

Type locality: State of Sonora, not far from the boundary of Arizona.  
TypesHolotype: USNM 36022 
CommentHabitat: montane

Group: Belongs to the Tapaja clade fide LEACHE & MCGUIRE 2006.

Diet: With 11% of its diet being ants this species seems to be the least dependent and specialized on ants (Fabian 2014). 
EtymologyNamed after Dr. Raymond Lee Ditmars (1876-1942), Curator of Reptiles at the Bronx Zoo, New York (1899-). Ditmars also worked in the Department of Entomology at the American Museum of Natural History (1893-1897) and as a reporter for the New York Times (1898). 
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