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Phyllurus gulbaru HOSKIN, COUPER & SCHNEIDER, 2003

IUCN Red List - Phyllurus gulbaru - Critically Endangered, CR

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common Names 
SynonymPhyllurus gulbaru HOSKIN, COUPER & SCHNEIDER 2000
Phyllurus gulbaru — WILSON & SWAN 2010
Phyllurus gulbaru — COGGER 2014: 273 
DistributionAustralia (Queensland)

Type locality: Palm Tree Ck, Paluma Range (19° 20’ S, 146° 28’ E), NE Queensland, Australia.  
TypesHolotype: QM J75778 
CommentLimited to a 14 square kilometer area in Queensland and therefore extremely endangered.

Abundance: only known from the type locality (Meiri et al. 2017). 
Etymologynamed after the Aboriginal name for the Paluma Range. 
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