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Phyllurus nepthys COUPER, COVACEVICH & MORITZ, 1993

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Higher TaxaCarphodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common Names 
SynonymPhyllurus nepthys COUPER, COVACEVICH & MORITZ 1993
Phyllurus nepthys — COGGER 2000: 742
Phyllurus nepthys — WILSON & SWAN 2010
Phyllurus nepthys — COGGER 2014: 275 
DistributionAustralia (Queensland)

Type locality: Finch Hatton NP (21 °06' , 148°38') MEQ.  
TypesHolotype: QM J34058 (Queensland Museum); Paratypes: AM 
DiagnosisDIAGNOSIS: P. nepthys is an extremely spinose, large Phyllurus (maximum SVL 103 mm). A 'peppered' brown venter separates it from all its congeners (with immaculate or mottled venters). P. nepthys is further distinguished from P. caudiannulatus by its rostral groove (partially divided, Fig. 7e vs completely divided, Fig. 7a); from P. isis and P. platurus by the depth of its acarodomatia = axillary pits (moderately to deeply invaginated vs shallowly invaginated); and from P. ossa by rostral grooves (1 groove partially dividing the rostral, Fig. 7e vs 1-3 grooves, usually 3, only rarely 1 or 2, partially dividing the rostral, Fig. 7f-h) [from COUPER et al. 1993]. 
EtymologyETYMOLOGY: Selected from Egyptian mythology (Mackenzie, 1978). The epithet is to be treated as a noun in apposition. 
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