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Podarcis erhardii (BEDRIAGA, 1882)

IUCN Red List - Podarcis erhardii - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaLacertidae, Lacertinae, Lacertini, Sauria, Lacertoidea, Squamata (lizards)
SubspeciesPodarcis erhardii amorgensis (WERNER 1933)
Podarcis erhardii biinsulicola (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii buchholzi (WETTSTEIN 1956)
Podarcis erhardii erhardii (BEDRIAGA 1876)
Podarcis erhardii kinarensis (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii levithensis (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii livadiaca (WERNER 1902)
Podarcis erhardii makariaisi (WETTSTEIN 1956)
Podarcis erhardii megalophthenae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii mykonensis (WERNER 1933)
Podarcis erhardii naxensis (WERNER 1899)
Podarcis erhardii ophidusae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii pachiae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii phytiusae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii riveti (CHABANAUD 1919)
Podarcis erhardii ruthveni (WERNER 1930)
Podarcis erhardii subobscura (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii syrinae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Podarcis erhardii thermiensis (WERNER 1935)
Podarcis erhardii thessalica (CYRÉN 1941)
Podarcis erhardii zafranae (WETTSTEIN 1937) 
Common NamesG: Kykladen-Mauereidechse, Ägäische Mauereidechse 
SynonymLacerta muralis subsp. fusca var. erhardii BEDRIAGA 1882
Podarcis erhardi — ENGELMANN et al 1993
Podarcis erhardii — KRONIGER & ZAWADZKI 2005
Podarcis erhardii — KWET & TRAPP 2015
Podarcis erhardii — PSONIS et al. 2021

Podarcis erhardii amorgensis (WERNER 1933)
Lacerta erhardii amorgensis WERNER 1933
Podarcis erhardii amorgensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 36

Podarcis erhardii biinsulicola (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii biinsulicola WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii biinsulicola — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 36

Podarcis erhardii buchholzi (WETTSTEIN 1956)
Lacerta erhardii buchholzi WETTSTEIN 1956
Podarcis erhardii buchholzi — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 36

Podarcis erhardii kinarensis (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii kinarensis WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii kinarensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 37

Podarcis erhardii levithensis (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii levithensis WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii levithensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 37

Podarcis erhardii livadiaca (WERNER 1902)
Lacerta littoralis var. livadiaca WERNER 1902: 383
Lacerta erhardii livadiaca — MERTENS & MÜLLER 1928: 29
Lacerta erhardii livadiaca — MERTENS 1940: 30
Lacerta erhardii livadiaca — STEPANEK 1944: 137
Podarcis erhardii livadiacus — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Podarcis erhardii makariaisi (WETTSTEIN 1956)
Lacerta erhardii makariaisi WETTSTEIN 1956
Podarcis erhardii makariaisi — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 37

Podarcis erhardii megalophthenae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii megalophthenae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii megalophthenae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 38

Podarcis erhardii mykonensis (WERNER 1933)
Lacerta erhardii mykonensis WERNER 1933
Lacerta erhardii mykonensis — WETTSTEIN 1952
Podarcis erhardii myconensis — FrÖR & BEUTLER 1978
Podarcis erhardii mykonensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 38

Podarcis erhardii naxensis (WERNER 1899)
Lacerta muralis fusca var. naxensis WERNER 1899: 835
Podarcis erhardii naxensis — GRUBER 1986: 38
Podarcis erhardii naxensis — NCBI TAXONOMY 2016

Podarcis erhardii ophidusae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii ophidusae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii ophidusae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 38

Podarcis erhardii pachiae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii pachiae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii pachiae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 38

Podarcis erhardii phytiusae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii phytiusae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii phytiusae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 39

Podarcis erhardii riveti (CHABANAUD 1919)
Lacerta muralis riveti CHABANAUD 1919
Podarcis erhardii riveti — STRATHEMANN 1986
Podarcis erhardii riveti — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008
Podarcis erhardii riveti — KWET & TRAPP 2014
Podarcis ehrhardii riveti — WERNING 2021 (in error)

Podarcis erhardii ruthveni (WERNER 1930)
Lacerta erhardii ruthveni WERNER 1930
Podarcis erhardii ruthveni — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 39
Podarcis erhardii ruthveni — GRILLITSCH & TIEDEMANN 1984
Podarcis erhardii ruthveni — CATTANEO 1999

Podarcis erhardii subobscura (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii subobscura WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii subobscura — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 39

Podarcis erhardii syrinae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii syrinae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii syrinae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 40

Podarcis erhardii thermiensis (WERNER 1935)
Lacerta erhardii thermiensis WERNER 1935
Podarcis erhardii thermiensis — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 40

Podarcis erhardii thessalica (CYRÉN 1941)
Lacerta erhardii thessalica — CYRÉN 1941
Lacerta erhardii thessalica — WETTSTEIN 1952
Podarcis erhardii thessalicus — SINDACO & JEREMČENKO 2008

Podarcis erhardii zafranae (WETTSTEIN 1937)
Lacerta erhardii zafranae WETTSTEIN 1937
Podarcis erhardii zafranae — TIEDEMANN et al. 1994: 40 
DistributionGreece (incl. Cyclade Islands Seriphos, Syphnos, Amorgos, Kato-and Apano Kufonisi, Keros, Antikeros, Grabusa, Anhydros and Glaronisi, Makria and Mikro-Phtheno, south of Anafi, Ktenia, east of Naxos, Crete, Kinaros, Levitha, central Greece, Euboea, Peloponnese, islands Hydra and Prasso Nisi in the bay of Salamis, Hagios Nikolaos, northernmost Makaria Island east of Naxos, Megalo Phtheno, larger one of the two Phthini Islands, south of Anafi, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Dilos, Rinia Mikro and Megalo Rhemathiaris, Cherronisi, Naxos, small islands in front of the northern and northeastern coast of Paros, Iráklia, Shinusa, Ios, Sikinos, Kardiotissa, Folegandros, and Thâra [Santorin Archipelago], Ofidusa, west of Astipalia, Pachia, south of Anafi, Fytiusa, south of Shinusa near Naxos, Dragonada and Paximada islands in front of northeastern coast of Crete, Epirus, Macedonia and Thrakia, Northern Sporades, Dhia island, north of Crete, Tria Nisia, south of Syrina near Astipalia, Syrina and Due Adelphi, south of Astipalia, Kythnos, Thessalia, Euboea [?], Mikronisi and Gaidaronisi Islands, south of Crete, Megali Zafrana, Ovriokastro, Paros), Albania, Macedonia, S Bulgaria

Type locality: Seriphos Island, Cyclades

amorgensis: Type locality: Amorgos Island, SE Cyclade Isalnds.

biinsulicola: Type locality: Makria Island near Anaphi, Aegean Islands (restricted by MERTENS & WERMUTH 1940).

buchholzi: Type locality: Ktenia Island = Boidi, east of Naxos

elaphonisii: Type locality: “Leuchtturminsel Elaphonisi (= Lafonisi) an der Südwestecke Kretas”.

kinarensis: Type locality: Kinaros Island, east of Amorgos, SE Cyclade Islands.

leukaorii: Type locality: Samaria, Leuka Ori, SW Crete.

levithensis: Type locality: Levitha Island, east of Amorgos.

livadiacus: C Greece; Type locality: “Mittel-Griechenland”

makariasi: Type locality: Haga Nikolaos Island, northernmost of the Makariais Islands, east of Naxos.

megalophthenae: Type locality: Megalo Phthena Island, the eastern and larger of the two Phthini Islands, Aegean Sea.

mykonensis: Tinos etc.; Type locality: Mykonos Island.

naxensis: Greece (Trias Nisia, Naxos); Type locality: Naxos Island.

ophidusae: Type locality: Ofidusa Island, west of Astropalia, Aegean Sea.

pachiae: Type locality: Pachia Island, south of Anaphi, Cyclades

phytiusae: Type locality: Phytiusa Island near the southern tip of Schinusa Island, south of Naxos.

psathurensis: Type locality: Psathura Island, northern Sporade Islands.

punctigularis: Type locality: “Klippe Prassonisi an der Südwestecke Kretas”.

rechingeri: Dragonada Island, Dionysiade Islands, NE of Crete.

ruthveni: Greece (Kyra Panagia, Alonissos); Type locality: Greece, Northern Sporades, Kyra Panagia Island, Bay of Hagios Petros.

schiebeli: Type locality: Dhia Island near Candia, north coastof Crete.

scopelensis: Type locality: Skopelos Island, N Sporade Islands.

subobscura: Type locality: southwestern, largest island of the Tria Nisia, south of Syrina, Aegean Sea.

syrinae: Type locality: Syrina Island, near Astropalia, Cyclades

riveti: Macedonia, Bulgaria (etc.); Type locality: Strkovo, Macedonia.

ruthveni: Type locality: “Bucht Hagios Petra auf der Insel Kyra-Panagia, nördliche Sporaden”

thermiensis: Greece (Kithnos = Kythnos); Type locality: Island, W Cyclade Islands.

thessalicus: Greece (Thessalia province); Type locality: Thessalian Olymp.

werneriana: Mikronisi Island near Hierapetra, south coast of Crete.

veithii: Type locality: Vioska, Albania

zafrana: Megali Zafrana Island, south of Astropalia, Aegean Sea.  
TypesHolotype: unlocated
Lectotype: NMW 8261 [amorgensis]
Lectotype: NMW 8294 [biinsulicola]
Holotype: NMW 15230 [buchholzi]
Holotype: NMW 8272 [cretensis]
Holotype: NMW 8298 [elaphonisii]
Holotype: NMW 8268 [kinarensis
Holotype: NMW 8291 [leukaorii]
Holotype: NMW 8300, male [levithensis]
Syntypes: ZSM 241/1972/1-2 (SLM 788), two adults, from "Hymettos (Attika)", collected by F. Werner, spring 1901 [livadiaca]
Holotype: NMW 15232 [makariaisi]
Lectotype: NMW 8289, male [megalophthenae]
Lectotype: NMW 8276, female [mykonensis]
Holotype: BMNH 1946.9.1.52-58, possibly other types in NMW but not listed by Tiedemann et al. 1994 or Tiedemann & Grillitsch 1999 [naxensis]
Lectotype: NMW 8266, male [ophidusae]
Lectotype: NMW 8258, Paralectotypes: ZFMK, NMW [pachiae]

Lectotype: NMW 8271 [phytiusae]
Holotype: NMW 8296 [punctigularis]
Holotype: MNHN-RA 1919.0009 (by monotypy) [riveti] (mistake: MNHN-RA 0344 is not a type specimen) [riveti]
Holotype: UMMZ 65516, Paraypes: NMW 8263, ZSM [ruthveni]
Holotype: NMW 8304, male [schiebeli]
Lectotype: NMW 8302 [subobscura]
Lectotype: NMW 8283, Paralectotypes: ZFMK, NMW [syrinae]
Lectotype: NMW 8281 [thermiensis]
Holotype: GNM 1691 (Göteborg Museum) [thessalica]
Lectotype: NMW 8287, male [zafranae] 
CommentSubspecies: Many of the subspecies that have been described for P. erhardii have been synonymized, e.g. with P. taurica or P. cretensis. Out of the 28 recognized subspecies, 27 are found in Greece from the North Sporades island-complex in the North Aegean (grossly south of the 39th parallel) to the island of Crete in the South. The species exhibits great morphological and ecological plasticity and inhabits many different habitats from rocky islets and sandy shores to mountaintops as high as 2000 m. SINDACO & JEREMCENKO 2008 consider most subspecies as doubtful and recognize only three of them: livadiacus, riveti, and thessalicus. Boulenger 1920 listed livadiaca under fiumana.

Distribution: for a map of all the islands and type localities of the various subspecies see GRUBER 1986. 
EtymologyNamed after Dr. D. Erhard, a German naturalist who spent many years in the Cyclades and wrote Fauna der Cycladen (1858). 
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