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Higher TaxaGekkonidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Southern Philippine Gecko 
SynonymPseudogekko pungkaypinit SILER, WELTON, DAVIS, WATTERS, DAVEY, DIESMOS, DIESMOS & BROWN 2014 
DistributionPhilippines (Leyte, Bohol, Mindanao, Samar)

Type locality: Calbiga—a creek area on the Visayas State University Visca campus, Barangay Guadalupe, Municipality of Baybay, Leyte Province, Leyte Island, Philippines (10°45’0.27’’N, 124°47’24.0’’E; WGS-84  
Reproductionoviparous (manual imputation, fide Zimin et al. 2022) 
TypesHolotype: PNM 9810 (RMB Field No. 4392, formerly KU 326435), adult male, collected in secondary-growth forest on 3 September 2002, by R.M. Brown. Paratypes.—One adult female (CAS 131854) collected from the bark of a rotten stump on 31 March 1964 in Dusita Barrio, Municipality of Sierra Bullones, Bohol Province, Bohol Island, Philippines (09u46959.340N, 124u18910.80E; WGS-84) by S. Magusara; one adult male (CAS-SU 23655) collected on floor of lowland bamboo forest on 9 May 1962 in Dusita Barrio, Municipality of Sierra Bullones Municipality, Bohol Province, Bohol Island, Philippines (09u46957.50N, 124u18910.80E; WGS-84) by A.C. Alcala; one adult male (KU 324426) collected on 6 August 2009 in Raja Sikatuna Natural Park, Barangay Danicop, Municipality of Sierra Bullones, Bohol Province, Bohol Island, Philippines (09u42919.8360N, 124u7924.3840E; WGS-84) by C.D. Siler; one adult female (KU 326243) collected on 17 April 2008 on the campus of Visayas State University, Baybay City, Municipality of Baybay, Leyte Province, Leyte Island, Philippines (10u44944.4660N, 124u47929.22720E; WGS-84) by R.M. Brown; one adult male (KU 334019) collected on 19 July 2012 near Ginoog River, Mt. Lumot, Sitio Kibuko, Barangay Lawaan, Municipality of Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental Province, Mindanao Island, Philippines (08u4990.33960N, 125u5944.32920E; WGS-84) by R.M. Brown. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Pseudogekko pungkaypinit can be distinguished from congeners by the following combination of characters: (1) body size large (SVL 66.6–76.8 mm); (2) axilla– groin distance 53.7–55.9% SVL; (3) head length 17.1–17.7% SVL; (4) snout 53.6– 60.2% head length; (5) Toe IV scansors 17– 21; (6) paravertebral scales 265–280; (7) ventral scales 125–155; (8) supralabials 16– 20; (9) infralabials 17–19; (10) circumorbitals 50–55; (11) precloacal pores 17–20; (12) femoral pores absent; (13) dominant body coloration grayish brown; (14) head, body and tail immaculate; (15) body stripes present; (16) interorbital band absent; and (17) ciliary ring coloration undifferentiated (Tables 1, 2). 
Etymologyfrom the Leyte language (Waray-Waray) terms for ‘‘treetop’’ (pungkay) and ‘‘lizard’’ (pinit) in reference to the new forest gecko’s arboreal microhabitat preference. 
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  • Decena, S. C. P., Macasait Jr, D. R., & Arguelles, M. S. 2023. Species Accounts, Assemblage, and Microhabitats of Amphibians and Reptiles of Northeastern Leyte, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Science, 152(1), 1-34
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  • Zimin, A., Zimin, S. V., Shine, R., Avila, L., Bauer, A., Böhm, M., Brown, R., Barki, G., de Oliveira Caetano, G. H., Castro Herrera, F., Chapple, D. G., Chirio, L., Colli, G. R., Doan, T. M., Glaw, F., Grismer, L. L., Itescu, Y., Kraus, F., LeBreton 2022. A global analysis of viviparity in squamates highlights its prevalence in cold climates. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 00, 1–16 - get paper here
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