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Rhampholeon spinosus (MATSCHIE, 1892)

IUCN Red List - Rhampholeon spinosus - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaChamaeleonidae, Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Rosette-nosed pygmy chameleon 
SynonymChamaeleon spinosus MATSCHIE 1892: 105
Chamaeleon spinosus — TORNIER 1897: 64
Bradypodion spinosum — NECAS 1999: 276
Rhampholeon spinosus — TILBURY & MARIAUX 2004
Rhampholeon spinosum — NECAS & SCHMIDT 2004
Rhampholeon (Rhinodigitum) spinosus — MATTHEE et al. 2004
Rhampholeon (Rhampholeon) spinosus — MARIAUX & TILBURY 2006
Rhampholeon spinosum — SCHMIDT et al. 2010
Rhampholeon spinosus — GLAW 2015
Rhampholeon spinosus — SPAWLS et al. 2018: 253 
DistributionTanzania (Usambara Mts.), elevation 1000-1500 m.

Type locality: Derema, Usambara Mts., Tanzania  
TypesHolotype: ZMB 11350. 
EtymologyNamed after L.: spina, spine; -osus/a./um, adjectival suffix: spiny, denoting the spinose scalation of the body and the limbs (Charles Klaver, pers. comm., 11 Jan 2023). 
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