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Rhynchocalamus satunini (NIKOLSKY, 1899)

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Higher TaxaColubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes)
Common NamesE: Palestine Kukri Snake
G: Schwarzkopf-Zwergnatter, Schwarzkopfnatter 
SynonymContia satunini NIKOLSKY 1899: 449
Oligodon melanocephalus septentrionalis WERNER 1905
Contia satunini — WERNER 1917
Oligodon melanocephalus satunini — CHERNOV 1937
Rhynchocalamus satunini — REED & MARX 1959
Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus satunini — DAREVSKY 1970
Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus satunini — FRANZEN & BISCHOFF 1995
Rhynchocalamus melanocephalus satunini — ANANJEVA et al. 2006: 182
Rhynchocalamus satunini — ŠMÍD et al. 2015 
DistributionE Turkey, S Armenia, Iraq (Kurdistan), W Iran, Azerbaijan

Type locality: "Prov. Elizabetpol in Transcaucasia, prope [near] flum. Arax" [found by K. Satunin in August 1893 in the vicinity of Megri [=Meghri], on the Axes River; now in Armenia].  
TypesHolotype: ZISP 9343 
DiagnosisR. satunini differs from R. melanocephalus in having a greater number of upper labials (7 versus 6), greater number of lower labials (8 versus 7) and in not having the top of the head and nape uniformly black (Fig. 2; Reed and Marx 1959; Darevsky 1970; Franzen and Bischoff 1995). These results suggest that, as already proposed by Reed and Marx (1959) and Avci et al. (2015), R. satunini and R. melanocephalus should be considered as different species. 
CommentDistribution: not in Iraq fide Habeeb & Rastegar-Pouyani 2016; see map in ŠMÍD et al. 2015: 382. For a map see Sindaco et al. 2013. 
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