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Sphaerodactylus microlepis REINHARDT & LÜTKEN, 1862

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Higher TaxaSphaerodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
SubspeciesSphaerodactylus microlepis thomasi SCHWARTZ 1965
Sphaerodactylus microlepis microlepis REINHARDT & LÜTKEN 1862 
Common NamesE: Saint Lucia Geckolet, Little-scaled Least Gecko 
SynonymSphaerodactylus microlepis REINHARDT & LÜTKEN 1862: 278
Sphaerodactylus melanospilos [DUMÉRIL 1873]
Sphaerodactylus microlepis — BOULENGER 1885: 224
Sphaerodactylus microlepis — KING 1962: 27
Sphaerodactylus microlepis microlepis — SCHWARTZ 1965
Sphaerodactylus microlepis — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1991: 508
Sphaerodactylus microlepis — KLUGE 1993
Sphaerodactylus microlepis — RÖSLER 2000: 113
Sphaerodactylus microlepis microlepis — DE LISLE et al. 2013

Sphaerodactylus microlepis thomasi SCHWARTZ 1965
Sphaerodactylus microlepis thomasi SCHWARTZ 1965: 262
Sphaerodactylus microlepis thomasi — SCHWARTZ & HENDERSON 1988: 183
Sphaerodactylus microlepis thomasi — DE LISLE et al. 2013 
DistributionLesser Antilles: Santa Lucia, Dominica (? - no breeding population)

microlepis: St. Lucia. Type locality: see comment, corrected to St. Lucia by Barbour, 1921.

thomasi: St. Lucia; Type locality: southernmost of 2 Maria Is., Vieux Fort Quarter, St. Lucia.  
TypesHolotype: ZMUC (UZM) R.34461
Holotype: MCZ 77229 [thomasi] 
DiagnosisDESCRIPTION: Size moderate (SVL in males to 34 mm, in females to 34 mm); dorsals keeled, acute, slightly imbricate, axilla to groin 42-53; ventrals keeled, acute, axilla to groin 32-40; dorsal caudal scales keeled, erected, imbricate, acute, ventral caudal scales acute, imbricate, midventral row not enlarged; snout scales fiat, keeled, slightly imbricate; 2 postnasals; 2-4 (mode 3) internasals; supralabials to mideye 3; gular scales strongly keeled; midbody scales 62-74; escutcheon 7-10 x 22-31; no sexual dichromatism; color pattern of adults variable: juveniles and some adults with light brown to gray dorsal ground color and a series of 6-7 dark brown, black, or gray (Maria Is.) crossbands between axilla and groin; in some adults crossbands fragment or fade until indistinguishable from ground color; neck with brown or black collar with light posterior border (lighter color may be absent from neck in Maria Is. material); top of head light brown to yellow with dark brown pattern; cheeks dotted with buff; black to brown postorbital stripe extends caudad toward midline, joining 1 from opposite side on neck (faded or absent in some individuals); with or without white to gray occipital spot, usually in contact with dark brown or black postoccipital spot; dark parietal spots present, may be connected to occipital spot; tail (dorsally and ventrally) vivid coral (Anse Galet Estate) to pale orange (Maria Is.); tail and sacral region with light brown, ladder-shaped marking; throat white to bright yellow; chin boldly marked with dark brown or black stripes extending to throat and chest; chest and venter white to yellow; underside of tail dull orange; iris bright green to blue-gray (from Schwartz & Henderson 1991: 508). 
CommentFor illustrations see Barbour, 1921; King, 1962.

Distribution: Not in Costa Rica fide SAVAGE 2002 and SAVAGE & BOLANOS 2009. The type locality was originally given erroneously as "St. Croix". Not in Martinique, Isla Monito, or the British Virgin Islands. 
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