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Sphenomorphus stellatus (BOULENGER, 1900)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae (Sphenomorphini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Perak Forest Skink, Starry Forest Skink
G: Perak Waldskink 
SynonymLygosoma stellatum BOULENGER 1900: 192
Lygosoma stellatum — SMITH 1935: 284
Lygosoma (Sphenomorphus) stellatum — SMITH 1937: 220
Sphenomorphus stellatus — TAYLOR 1963: 1008
Sphenomorphus stellatus — COX et al. 1998: 117
Sphenomorphus stellatum — INGER et al. 2001
Sphenomorphus stellatus — MALKMUS et al. 2002
Sphenomorphus stellatum — GRISMER et al. 2007
Lygosoma stellatum — GRISMER et al. 2010
Sphenomorphus stellatus — GRISMER & QUAH 2019 
DistributionPeninsular Malaysia

Type locality: Perak [Larut Hills]  
TypesSyntypes: BMNH 1946.8.3.26 (formerly, Larut, Perak, 4400', collected S.S. Flower; 1946.8.17.10 (formerly 1900.6.14.11), Larut, Perak, 3500', collected A.L. Butler; Selangor Museum (not found) Larut, Perak, 4000', collected A.L. Butler. Other specimens: FMNH 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: Scales in 22-24 rows midway between axilla and groin; upper posterior temporals greatly enlarged; 4 supraoculars; enlarged middorsal scale rows; throat with or without barred pattern; dorsum light brown, with or without rows of spots; limbs moderate (from BACON 1967).

Comparison. Five other species of Bornean Sphenomorphus have four supraoculars. They are S. tenuiculus (Mocquard), S. shelfordi (Boulenger), S. buttikoferi (Lidth), S. hallieri (Lidth), and S. alfredi (Boulenger). None of these species has enlarged middorsal rows. Sphenomorphus shelfordi has 32 scale rows and 28 fourth toe lamellae; tenuiculus has 26 scale rows, 24 fourth toe lamellae and no nuchals; buttikoferi has 21-23 fourth toe and 15-16 fourth finger lamellae. Sphenomorphus hallieri has very small parietals which do not contact the supraoculars and two pairs of chin shields; alfredi has 7-12 fourth toe lamellae and 28-30 scale rows. Inger has recently re-examined the types of all five species and the counts given here are his. Four species from New Guinea have four supraoculars and nuchals. Sphenomorphus minutus (Meyer) has 22 scale rows, 15 fourth toe lamellae, prefrontals very small and widely separated, and a dorsal pattern of spots and streaks; Sphenomorphus nototaenius (Boulenger) has 24 scale rows with two enlarged vertebral rows and 18 fourth toe lamellae; however, the prefrontals do not meet, there is no greatly enlarged temporal, and there is a dorsal pattern of streaks and an immaculate venter. Sphenomorphus elegantulus (Peters and Doria) and S. nigrolineatus (Boulenger) have 26-28 rows and both have divided subdigital lamellae. (Bacon 1967) 
CommentDAREVSKY et al. (1983) provide a key to Vietnamese Sphenomorphus.

Synonymy: Smith 1935 synonymized Lygosoma annamiticum BOETTGER 1901 with L. stellatus, but the former has been revalidated by Grismer et al. 2019.

Distribution: populations from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Borneo have been assigned to other species by Grismer et al. 2019 who restricted S. stellatus to peninsular Malaysia. 
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