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Teratoscincus przewalskii STRAUCH, 1887

IUCN Red List - Teratoscincus przewalskii - Least Concern, LC

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Higher TaxaSphaerodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Przewalski's Wonder Gecko
G: Przewalskiis Wundergecko
Chinese: 新疆沙虎 
SynonymTeratoscincus przewalskii STRAUCH 1887: 71
Teratoscincus przewalskii — ZUGMAYER 1909: 491
Teratoscincus przewalskii — ZHAO & ADLER 1993
Teratoscincus przewalskii — KLUGE 1993
Teratoscincus przewalskii — RÖSLER 1995: 92
Teratoscincus przewalskii — NAZAROV et al. 2017 
DistributionS Mongolia, China (Xinjiang, Gansu, Nei Mongol = Inner Mongolia)

Type locality: Chami Oasis Hami 42 48'N 93 27'E, Xinjiang Uygur, Autonomous Region China.  
TypesLectotype: ZISP (ZIL) 6564, adult female (fide SZCZERBAK & GOLUBEV 1996) 
CommentIllustration: Plate 23A in ZHAO & ADLER 1993.

Distribution: see map in Macey et al. 2005: 189. 
Etymologynamed after General Nikolai Mikhailovitch Przewalski (1839-1888), a Russian Cossack naturalist who explored Central Asia (Beolens et al. 2009). 
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